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Chosen by Odin.
Destined for Valhalla.
In my dreams, Odin whispers to me.

He tells me I’m destined to wield a legendary sword.

He tells me my road will bring me to Valhalla.

But when I wake, I’m only Hervor. Fatherless. Unloved. Unwanted. Jarl Bjartmar, my grandfather, calls me cursed...

“Time God?” All Andri knew about them was they were time travelers going throughout the galaxy protecting the weak and the innocent. He read the invitation again. They wanted him to try out for the Time God’s apprentice. A farmer’s son, his only aspiration was to take over the family farm wh...

When Susan’s friend’s daughter turns up missing, she has no choice but to use her gift (Book 5 of 5).

This Dungeons & Dragons-inspired fantasy adventure is the first installment in the beloved Dragonlance Chronicles, set in the magical world of Krynn.

Once merely creatures of legend, the dragons have returned to Krynn. But with their arrival comes the departure of the old gods—and all healing m...

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Kinda dead. Straight-up psycho. Totally obsessed with her.

I did a bad, bad thing.

Thanks to a blank in my memory, I'm not sure what that thing was, but it was horrible enough to get me locked up in the mental ward for seven years. Horrible enough that my little sister won't even speak to me.

JUNE 30, 2023 Wizen Woods (Immortal Roots Book 1) By Velvet Davis

[US + UK] If forced to choose, would you accept a passionless duty that aligns with fate…or fight to the death for your beliefs?

Born with the mark of the scribe, Raela is bound to a prophetic book that will help guide her people underground to escape the invasion of their homeland. As the prop...

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Leveling up would be fun...

If it weren't so deadly.

Eve is a survivor. Kidnapped and genetically enhanced, she wakes in an alley with the ability to level up. As a Player, her life now belongs to the Game.

Deadly Trials offer fantastic and powerful prizes, but as she fights against both al...

In my past life I hadn’t had anyone I would have given my life to protect. I had that now, but I didn’t have the strength to protect them—not against what was about to come.

In another life, Arthur Leywin was a king and no stranger to war. He was not ready, however, to find himself at the h...

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JUNE 26, 2023 ForeSender Fury: A Fantasy Action Adventure By Adrian Murphy

A dragon-shifter sleuth with a mystery to solve. Sinister forces bent on her destruction. Can she crack the case and prevent wholesale carnage?

Galindra still mourns her mother’s mysterious disappearance and yearns to discover the truth. She’s an interstellar investigator possessing special p...

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Ever wished a portal would open up and swallow you? Don’t. Trust me.

Slinging hotdogs may not be the most glorious side gig, but hey, if it paid for college, that’s all Emma could ask for. And let’s be real, of all the crowds in the world, what were the odds that Comic-Con would get Portall...