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No matter the cause, no one can win a war without doing terrible things.

After the last fortress fell to the enemy, most people, including government officials, believed the war was over. But Colonel Leon Tyquese's beliefs go deeper than that. He could not, would not, abandon his people and their...

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FEBRUARY 28, 2024 Hellfire: A Military Sci-Fi Mech Series By Rick Partlow

Nathan Stout was born to save the world.

Cloned from the genes of heroes past, tossed aside when the Army abandoned the program, Nate has seized his own destiny. Forming the Broken Arrow Mercenary Force, he leads a team of hired guns piloting cutting-edge mechs in a last-ditch effort to restore ...

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The Greshian Empire has reached across the Alorian Galaxy, using its naval might to bring its enemies to their knees. Dead planets float in their wake as the empire fights to assert themselves as the supreme race. Ensign Brendle Quinn has spent five years loyally serving the Greshian Empire in their...

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FEBRUARY 26, 2024 Bloodstained Skies: The Vanquisher of Kings I By Dagmar Rokita

Epic Dark Sci-Fi for fans of Halo, Dune, Warhammer!

After a bloody revolution, a royal warrior named Erilaz and his companions are exiled from their kingdom. They subsequently choose to hide on a distant planet, where they risk their lives every day.
There are only three things that give him hop...

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FEBRUARY 23, 2024 Prompt Excursion By Lewis S. Kingston

An injured officer awakes on a heavily damaged military spaceship. Her memory is impaired. No one answers her calls. The ship is out of control. They are dying, adrift, the chance of rescue shrinking by the second.

Clinging to the few positive thoughts she can remember, she fights to survive, to ...

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[US + UK] It should have been a simple extraction.

Rumors of unrest have caused the Alliance to recall its consulate stationed on the Khufu torus. Elodie Cyr and SRU Team Five are there to ensure it happens smoothly.

But the intelligence geeks' estimates were wrong — way wrong — and Ell ...

FEBRUARY 19, 2024 Tartarus Gate: A Space Opera Series (The Collapse Book 1) By Matthew P. Gilbert

Captain Josiah Bleys is one heck of a smuggler. A man with no respect for rules, save one: 'Don’t be a hero'.

Chief Ragnar Kane, one of the Emperor's finest warriors, likewise harbors no aspirations toward gallantry, just increasing his kill count.

Fate, however, has other plans.

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FEBRUARY 16, 2024 Silent Order: Iron Hand By Jonathan Moeller

The galaxy is at war, but wars are won and lost in the shadows.

To the galaxy at large, Jack March is a privateer of the interstellar Kingdom of Calaskar and a former Iron Hand commando of the malevolent Final Consciousness. In truth, he is an alpha operative of the Silent Order, the most effici...

FEBRUARY 16, 2024 The Shock Trooper (Forged in War Book 1) By Jayden R. Cox

Humanity has colonized the Milky Way and its first encounter with an old alien race has not been peaceful.

The merciless Seisossa, a lizard-like race, seem to have humans at the top of their menu. But the brave men and women of the Imperial Marines throw themselves against the attackers every day...

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FEBRUARY 12, 2024 Outlaw Rising: A Parse Galaxy Novella By Kate Sheeran Swed

[US + UK] Secretly, Sloane Tarnish has always admired her outlaw of an uncle, and his tales of not-so-legal adventures across the galaxy–but she never thought she'd be asked to help with one of his heists.