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APRIL 17, 2024 Forgotten Stars Book One By Odette C. Bell

[US + UK] A new realm has awoken. A new threat has emerged. So new warriors must take the helm.
Amber’s an ordinary ensign whose only claim to fame is throwing toast on the most important soldier on the station. Everything changes when she’s lost on an alien world and her true powers awaken. Sh...

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APRIL 17, 2024 The Catford Catastrophe Zone By Petra Jacob

London, 2120. Frankie dreams of being promoted from undercover police officer to super-powered crime fighter. Could her new mission to spy on a secret cabal of highly-skilled rebels in a poverty zone be her chance to impress her boss?
No. No, it could not.

Because the rebels are just a group of ...

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APRIL 15, 2024 Unseen Enemy (Prionen Directive Book 1) By Matt Edsand

[US + UK] Unseen Enemy is the first book in an exciting Space Opera series and there are cliff hangers!

How far would a father go to find his missing daughter taken by a mysterious new enemy?

Captain Gibson made one mistake that cost him everything, but now he has a chance at redemption by sav...

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For Jun Matsumoto, a school trip to the remote study camp of British Heights is hardly his idea of a good time. Akane Yamaguchi, the love of his life, hates him, and he’s rooming with Ogiwara, the school bully. Things g...

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APRIL 12, 2024 Breakers of the Dawn (Dawn Saga Book 1) By Zachariah Wahrer

Humanity has fallen from its once majestic place amongst the stars. Desperate for resources to prop up an aging galactic dynasty, humans seize every planet they find, exterminating their alien inhabitants.

Across the empire, a group of dissidents come together through happenstance. As they learn ...

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Most superheroes come into their power BEFORE birthing four children…

Miranda Gold is perfectly content with the monotonous chaos of her life. She is stay-at-home mom and a loving wife to her still-sexy-after-all-these-years husband, Jake. Everything changes when she begins to hear voices and s...

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Detective Alex Blackhawk join forces with the spaceship crew after a terrorist tries to destroy evidence of a nine year old crime in the 25th century (Book 7 of 10).

APRIL 10, 2024 The Tales of Zren Janin: Boxed Set By M.L. Dunker

The Tales of Zren Janin are stories of adventure, political intrigue, soldiers, spies, and bravery where no one is safe, promises are casually broken and justice demands a price. For readers who like great world-building in a South Pacific setting, heart-pounding escapes, stories about spies, sabot...

Ryan Halsin works for the Chapter hunting monsters all over North America. His current assignment is to the tiny town of Kingfield, Maine, where the local population has been decimated by mysterious disappearances.

With the assistance of a local Forest Ranger, he must discover what is making peop...

Save a planet. Sacrifice your future.

For Aurora Hawke, protecting the secret of her half-human heritage has been a lifelong challenge. Taking command of her own starship and the best crew in the quadrant has been her dream. Failing at both is her nightmare. But the survival of a planet may depen...