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As her fingers slip from the cold steel of the bridge, a disembodied voice ask her a simple question: “Candidate 13: Do you wish to be saved?”

Realizing her mistake too late, Meredith screams “Yes!” and instantly finds herself transported to a mysterious island, alongside hundreds of oth...

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SEPTEMBER 14, 2022 The DragonClaw Sword Complete Series Omnibus By Kevin McLaughlin

What do a dragon and a dwarf have in common? Sometimes, all you need is one thing to bind you together. And when that one thing is fighting to survive...

Alone, Galen Stormwing and Vala don't stand a chance. Together, they might be able to save each other!

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Darkness descends and it's up to one young high elf to stand against it... but nothing is as it appears.

War has erupted across the lands and when the elves of Urlas depart for war, Kealin is not allowed to join the other warriors as he expects. His father and mother, and the elven High Council,...

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SEPTEMBER 07, 2022 Beyond the Impossible: Volume 1 (Books 1-3) By Frank Kennedy

Powerful forces stand between Kara Syung and justice on ringed world Hokkaido. Her only weapons: A best friend, a murderous immortal, and a rogue from an old empire. In this 9-book interstellar saga about family, greed, and revelation, mysteries are unraveled, and enemies emerge from distant stars.

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Cleaning a space station is easy.

Staying under the radar? Priceless.

Triana Moore programs the robots that clean the glitzy Station Kelly Kornienko. Avoiding the wealthy inhabitants on the upper levels of the station is her number one rule. Well, number two, right after "eat all the chocola...

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AUGUST 29, 2022 Academy In Flames Box Set: Books 1 - 9 By Scarlett Reid

“All my life I wanted to be a respected dragon rider. That is, until I met my phoenix.”

Ana de Navalles has almost nothing, aside from her friends. Having always been a child of the slums, her fortunes change when she’s admitted to Galfour’s Point, the prestigious and almost-mythical aca...

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AUGUST 29, 2022 Dark Space: The Complete Series By Jasper T. Scott

FROM MILLION-COPY BESTSELLING AUTHOR JASPER T. SCOTT - Dark Space: The Complete Series, 6 books, over 600,000 copies sold, 12,000+ Reviews on Amazon, and 4.4/5 Stars average rating. For a limited time, enjoy over 2000 pages of this epic space opera for one low price.

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Welcome to Paradise.
For those who hold a chip in their head, the world is their oyster.
But for those who don’t, there’s nothing but hell.

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AUGUST 15, 2022 Platoon F: Comedy Sci-Fi Bundle By John P. Logsdon

Find out what the F in Platoon F truly means...
Nearly 1,500 pages of sci-fi absurdity are just a click away.

An identity change. A space ship that travels on rails. A new captain who never saw this coming.

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I can tell when you’re lying. Every. Single. Time.

I’m Jinx. As a private investigator, being a walking, talking lie detector is a useful skill – but let’s face it, it’s not normal. You’d think it would make my job way too easy, but even with my weird skills, I still haven’t been ab...

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