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Drafted into the Marine Drop-Troopers, Cam discovers there’s one thing he’s even better at than running street-con games, and that’s killing the enemy. Wrapped in an armored battlesuit, Cam finds purpose amidst the horror and destruction of the war, and the opportunity for a new sort of friend...

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JANUARY 07, 2022 The Lost Starship: Books 1-3 Complete Saga By Joshua James

Save the cure. Kill the crew.

That was the dying order of the captain of the starship Elixr. The ship followed the order. Then it lost its mind.

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The Terran Coalition faces repeated and brutal attacks from the repressive League of Sol. To defend his home planet, David trades his dream of becoming a rabbi for a battlefront in the far reaches of space. When particle beams fly, his courage under fire brings quick promotion. But in the lulls betw...

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DECEMBER 31, 2021 Galactic Empires By Patty Jansen

Seven full-length novels of adventure, war, intrigue and survival in the far reaches of space.

NOVEMBER 19, 2021 Wildcat Wizard Books 1-3 By Al K. Line

Meet Arthur "The Hat" Salzman. Gangster. Wizard. Screwed.

When I was killed for the fifth time, and before breakfast, I knew for sure I'd made a terrible mistake.

It was meant to be a simple job. Steal item, deliver said item to my posh broker, get paid. Easy peasy wizard squeezy.

Blame it ...

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OCTOBER 27, 2021 Gunn and Salvo Box Set: Books 1-4 By Joshua James

When deep space bounty hunters Gunn and Salvo chase down a teenager linked to the catastrophic loss of a space station, everything about the job feels off.

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OCTOBER 22, 2021 The Contingency War Boxed Set By G J Ogden

No-one comes in peace. Every being in the galaxy wants something, and is willing to take it by force.

The Hedalt were no different. They came from the distant reaches of the galaxy to wage war. Their fleet wanted to take Earth for its prize, but we were ready. We were stronger.

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OCTOBER 11, 2021 Metal Warrior Boxed Set By James David Victor

The world as we know it has come to an end, and humanity's only hope may be a man who cannot survive without the aid of a robotic suit. Fortunately, that suit is one of the most powerful weapons ever created.

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OCTOBER 04, 2021 The Human Legion Deluxe Box set 1 By Tim C. Taylor

The best survive basic training…but only the luckiest survive the Cull.

Why? Because that's how humanity's alien masters run their empire. And the Human Marine Corps fights and dies for them.

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The outlying star systems of Terra are disappearing, one by one. Without warning. Without a trace. The Republic is quick to lay blame on the Drakon Confederation, humanity's oldest, and greatest foe. But Admiral Drex of the Fifth Fleet knows something isn't adding up.

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