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JUNE 24, 2022 White Sands and Red Sands By Nicholas Sansbury Smith

The thrilling short stories set in the Orbs universe.

Jeff and his little brother, David, are alone. Their parents have disappeared along with the rest of the world, replaced by glowing blue orbs and a terrifying army of aliens. But the boys are survivors. Living in the tunnels beneath the White...

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In the eldritch writings of Ec'h Pi El we learn that the land of Lomar, first chronicled by that aeons-dead author, lay contiguous in time and space to Ancient Hyperborea, sinister kingdom of the North described in the story cycles of the prophet Klarkash Ton. Twin lands beyond the Arctic Circle, ho...

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Technical Specialist Simon Brooks was no soldier. More suited for the academy than combat, his assignment to a rear echelon support squadron seemed a good fit. Everything changed when the Sleer attacked Earth’s newly salvaged spacecraft, UEF Ascension. In a flash, Brooks goes from fleeing a burnin...

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Crystalyn Creek is a tenacious survivor in her fading, hi-tech birth world. So when she spots a tome full of strange symbols at her otherwise mind-numbing job, she’s grateful for the distraction. But after her odd affinity for the book’s designs inadvertently opens a portal, she’s shocked when...

Misfit heroes caught between the schemes of mighty wizards and a contest of gods.
At stake: The fate of the world.

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Abducted along with thousands of others. Transported to a world of slavery for alien masters. Mind-wiped, so every hellish day in the mines feels like just another job shift.

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6 thrilling novels. 2,000+ pages of fearless heroes, non-stop futuristic action, and neck-breaking plot twists.

Armed with cutting-edge weapons and an AI-run cybernetic suit that controls his paralyzed legs, he is the fist in the shadows, the dagger to the heart of the Nyzarian Empire’s enemie...

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MAY 20, 2022 Kurtherian Gambit Boxed Set One: Books 1-7 By Michael Anderle

What you thought you knew about Vampires and Werewolves is very, very, wrong. This digital box set contains the first seven books, the complete first arc of the best-selling Kurtherian Gambit series from Michael Anderle.

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Pulled into alien politics, and a life beyond her imagination, Phina might just have a chance to have the one thing she’s always wanted.

Now, she just needs to pull it off without getting killed.

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APRIL 29, 2022 Earth's Last Gambit: The Complete Series: By Felix. R. Savage

Bearing Earth's hopes for deliverance from the alien threat, Jack Kildare and his fellow astronauts successfully complete the long journey to Jupiter. But someone on board is trying to sabotage the mission. As they approach the mysterious alien spaceship orbiting Europa, the crew fractures into riva...

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