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SEPTEMBER 01, 2020 Kurtherian Gambit Boxed Set One: Books 1-7 By Michael Anderle

What you thought you knew about Vampires and Werewolves is very, very, wrong. This digital box set contains the first seven books, the complete first arc of the best-selling Kurtherian Gambit series from Michael Anderle.

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SEPTEMBER 01, 2020 Future Adventures: 8 Book Box Set By Patty Jansen

The Best-Selling Post-Apocalyptic Series, Contamination - The complete series Books 0-7, available for the first time in one special box set! Over 1,200 pages of reading! The infection has begun, ravaging the American Southwest and leaving chaos in its wake. In this new world, there will be no last ...

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The ships came at dawn. Dean’s wife is dead. Her last words: When the ships come...wear the necklace. Then the ships arrived. Cities all around the world reported strange alien vessels descending. Some saw them as the heralds of a new age; others fired everything they had at them. All were taken a...

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AUGUST 15, 2020 The Resistance: The Complete Series (Books 1-3) By Nathan Hystad

The Watchers are done waiting. Invasion is inevitable. THE RESISTANCE series is together in a single box set for the first time. The Earth Fleet has known of the Watchers for years, unwilling to share the knowledge. Now it might be too late.

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AUGUST 05, 2020 The Dragon Blood Collection, Books 1-3 By Lindsay Buroker

A thousand years have passed since a dragon has been seen in the world. Science and technology have replaced magic, which has dwindled until it has become little more than an element of myth and legend. There are those who still have dragon blood flowing through their veins, distant descendants of t...

AUGUST 05, 2020 Final Dawn: The Complete Bestselling Saga By Mike Kraus

#1 Best-Selling author Mike Kraus's quarter-million bestseller is now available in its definitive edition! When the end of the world arrived, it came not with a bang, as most expected, but with more of a "pfft" instead. Humanity has been torn asunder and brought to the edge of total annihilation in ...

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AUGUST 05, 2020 L. Ron Hubbard Presents Writers of the Future By L. Ron Hubbard

[Not available in all regions] Sci-fi and fantasy of tomorrow. . . selected by masters of today. Where can you find the hottest new talent all in one book? Right here. This year’s winning stories include a diverse collection of brilliantly realized worlds of dystopian politics, magical realism, po...

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How Molly has survived military life this long, we'll never know. When her implanted computer interface is hacked by a nascent AI, Molly has to escape. Grab the ENTIRE Ascension Myth Series today in one GIANT boxed set! Over 3,000 pages of Space Opera excitement!

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