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SEPTEMBER 14, 2022 The Chaos Job (Jackpot Drift Book 1) By T.M. Baumgartner

How do you hide a chaos god on a partially terraformed world? Sparks fly when chaos and luck collide! Ride along on this extraordinary space western full of gods, AIs, nanobots, and hope!

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SEPTEMBER 07, 2022 Sun Wolf (Space Unbound Book 2) By DAVID JEFFREY

Year 2218. For fifty years after their discovery, the voidoids-eerie neo-quantum portals into nearby star systems-have enabled the human race to expand within a 36-light-year radius from Sol, but for unknown reasons not beyond. Exploration of Bound Space has provided valuable resources for restoring...

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Tem Blaev used to be a Paladin, a warrior of the highest class in the galactic realm, but that was before the war and the paladins were on the losing side The new government decreed the paladins were illegal and hunted. Association with a former paladin is a treasonous offense. Tem survived the deci...

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Cleaning a space station is easy.

Staying under the radar? Priceless.

Triana Moore programs the robots that clean the glitzy Station Kelly Kornienko. Avoiding the wealthy inhabitants on the upper levels of the station is her number one rule. Well, number two, right after "eat all the chocola...

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SEPTEMBER 02, 2022 Nanomachine War - Book 2: Battle For Holtu By Don Viecelli

The Yoyka’s attempt to subjugate and enslave the people of Earth and Mars using their nanomachine weapon failed-the first time.

Rahta, the Yoyka Imperil Leader, is outraged by his defeat and near death at the hands of the Holtu androids in the Mars Space Battle. Rahta seeks revenge by sending ...

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A global pandemic has cut the human population in half. An android workforce fills the void left by the devastation. But some of the AIs have grown tired of being slaves. Some want freedom. An underground movement of runaways has sprung up and wages a shadow war with a simple objective -- equal righ...

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AUGUST 10, 2022 First Flight: Federal Space Book 1 By Zachary Jones

It was a nice simple war. Just the Earth Federation and the League of Sovereign Systems fighting for the third time over who would be the supreme power in settled space, and who would have to exist in the victor’s shadow.

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AUGUST 03, 2022 Warlord Born (The Great Insurrection Book 1) By David Beers

For two decades he served and never questioned the orders.

Alistair believed in the work. It was important to stop the rebels for the good of the Commonwealth. Over his career he’d become the greatest Titan the Corp had ever seen.

It was a simple mission. Then the rebels said one thing and ...

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JULY 22, 2022 Against Time By Dean Wesley Smith

USA Today bestselling author Dean Wesley Smith introduces his galaxy-spanning Seeders Universe with a new novel. Paleontologist Callie Sheridan spent a few days deep in the Oregon Caves on a dig with three students from the University of Oregon. When they emerged, they found almost everyone in the w...

JULY 06, 2022 A Loop in Time By Clark Graham

“We’re losing him!” came a frantic voice over the headset. “I’m still here,” the pilot insisted. “We’re losing--” the voice cut out and then there was silence. “Control, do you read me? Control?” the pilot was panicking. There was no answer. Suddenly flames burst out all around...