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The Confederated Worlds implanted in Tomas' brain the skills to make him a soldier.

He had to learn for himself how to survive interstellar war.

Tomas Neumann sought escape from his backwater planet and overbearing mother, and a mentor to replace his long-dead father. "Taking the shilling"—e...

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Gunnery Sergeant Darius is unaware that his genetic inheritance is destined to change the universe forever! An unexpected job opportunity will force his destiny to manifest. But before he can become the light in the darkness, he must first find a way to prevent the enslavement of trillions!

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Sci Fi Romance, adventure and epic combat space battles set against the backdrop of Earth being involuntarily drawn into an alien war and Earth’s first heroic, space warrior.

A thousand years ago, began a cataclysmic war - the Brinlo to defend their slave trade at all costs and the fearsome Hog...

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FEBRUARY 03, 2023 REV By T.R. Harris

They made him SUPER HUMAN.

Now what do they do with him?

International bestselling science fiction author T.R. Harris introduces his exciting new Military/Space Opera series about the future of space warfare...and the destiny of mankind.

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FEBRUARY 01, 2023 Migration: Unending Earths By Justin Alexander Alt

Tech entrepreneur Michael Sorenson invented the technology to save humanity from the confines of death. What he didn’t know was that people at his own company were working on the technology needed to travel across dimensions. Humans had reached the brink of exploring far beyond human imagination.

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[US + UK] It should have been a simple extraction.

Rumors of unrest have caused the Alliance to recall its consulate stationed on the Khufu torus. Elodie Cyr and SRU Team Five are there to ensure it happens smoothly.

But the intelligence geeks' estimates were wrong — way wrong — and Ell ...

JANUARY 27, 2023 Blue Venom (Blue Wolf Book 4) By Brad Magnarella


With his time as the Blue Wolf winding down, Jason knows well the dangers of looking past the next mission. And Legion has just been called to its most challenging one yet.

In a closed kingdom in Southeast Asia, a town of 5,000 people has disappeared from ...

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JANUARY 23, 2023 Corvus Ascending By Dale Sale

What would you do if you found a magic lamp? What if that lamp turned out to be a 1400-year-old accident-prone robot who had a sentient spaceship for a friend? That's what happens to wisecracking star-sailor Gus Johansson when his beach bum retirement suddenly goes from boring to blazing.

JANUARY 23, 2023 Kill First (The Jack Rhodes Chronicles) By G.P. Hudson

All Jack Rhodes wanted was a simple, peaceful life for himself and his daughter. Unfortunately, aliens had other plans.

When Jack and his daughter are abducted from their acreage, Jack realizes that Earth is not alone. There is a vast, ruthless galactic empire out there that no one on Earth knows...

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JANUARY 20, 2023 Fomorian Brigade By James David Victor

He was a genetically engineered super soldier, built to win a war. Once he was no longer needed, he was cast aside to fend for himself... or worse. Now, he might be the only thing that can save the human race.