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Wizard scouts are the elite, deep-recon forces of the Intergalactic Empire, trained to operate light years behind enemy lines with little or no support.

While a first-year student at the Intergalactic Empire’s legendary Wizard Scout Academy, Cadet Richard Shepard is teamed with Nickelo, a one-o...

[US + CA] The Great Rift lies between the Sagitarius and Orion arms of the galaxy. Stars are scarce there, beyond the authority of the Federation, and legends abound of lost civilizations and of ancient monsters that prey on those who dare to venture into the vast darkness between the stars.


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AUGUST 30, 2023 Orders of Battle (Frontlines Book 7) By Marko Kloos

The battle against the Lankies has been won. Earth seems safe. Peacetime military? Not on your life.

It’s been four years since Earth threw its full military prowess against the Lanky incursion. Humanity has been yanked back from the abyss of extinction. The solar system is at peace. For now.

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AUGUST 30, 2023 Nexus Empire: Star Nexus By Dominique Mondesir

A lost ship found.

The descendant of a galactic emperor.

A thousand year war!

Jason knew aliens existed. He just couldn’t prove it.

Working his way through the military, he heard the stories—the whispers from the black ops teams—the unconfirmed sightings.

Yet he couldn’t find ...

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But some things must never be forgotten.

Over 400 years ago, twelve great warriors united the beleaguered armies of men and scoured the war-torn lands of evil, pushing the enemy back into the underground pits and caverns from whence they came. To ensure their legacy, each of the Twelve founded fo...

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AUGUST 28, 2023 Alien Honor (A Fenris Novel Book 1) By Vaughn Heppner

2457 AD. Premier Lang is a dictator ruling a solar system in crisis. The human race is still haunted by the Doom Star days, and millions dwell in slums below Earth's surface. The pristine star system of New Eden is a beacon of hope --but it is 230 light years away. Getting there will be a challenge ...

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AUGUST 23, 2023 Inception (The Genesis Machine Book 1) By K.J. Gillenwater

Aliens have arrived... and this isn’t the first time.
When expert Navy linguist and cryptographer Charlie Cutter is recruited into a shadowy wing of the NCIS, she’s tasked with unravelling a mysterious ancient text that has puzzled researchers for centuries. Charlie isn’t eager to revisit her...

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AUGUST 23, 2023 Backyard Starship: Origins By J.N. Chaney

Witness the beginning of the critically acclaimed Backyard Starship series with these two short stories.

When an interstellar thief is pursued across the galaxy for his crimes, he turns to the only planet around for hiding: a tiny backwater world in the middle of nowhere that the natives call Ear...

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AUGUST 21, 2023 The Last Hunter By J.N. Chaney

Those that fail to learn from history are doomed to repeat it.

Two centuries after the Confederation staved off an invasion by the robotic Locusts, Captain Jack Romanoff faces mandatory retirement from an ever-shrinking Navy. Actions speak louder than words. The Confederation doesn’t think the ...

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The Brick. An inhospitable planet in Finjou space. Humans settled there anyway. Now the aliens want them gone.

Captain Xi Bao. Your orders are to conduct Operation Red Rock. Evacuate the human colonists from the Brick before the Finjou find them. Collect material evidence of the Jemmin conspiracy...

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