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APRIL 01, 2024 Fool Me Once (Privateer Tales Book 2) By Jamie McFarlane

Celina Dontal just escaped eighteen months of captivity at the hands of Alexander Boyarov and his crew, members of the brutal Red Houzi Clan. That should have been the hard part. It was only the beginning.

When she tried to contact her younger sister, Jenny, Celina received shocking news. The one...

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Rika is mech-meat...

A cyborg killing machine, created by the Genevian military and cast aside when the war was lost.

Now she slings cargo on Dekar Station, falling deeper in debt as she struggles to make enough money to keep her cybernetic body functioning. The local gangs would love to have ...

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[US + UK] Their minds stolen. Uploaded into war-machines. They fight a secret war to preserve humanity.
What if there was a war raging for one million years, but it was kept secret? It's a question Sargis never considered, born as an upper middle class man living in Prime City during a so-called �...

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MARCH 20, 2024 Star Shroud (Ascension Series Book 1) By Ken Lozito

They've been watching us for hundreds of years.
Now they need our help.
Earth is not safe.

Zack is good at finding things, but when he discovers a global conspiracy, life as he knows it is over. Sometimes the truth doesn’t set you free. It traps you instead.

Kept secret for 60 years, the d...

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MARCH 20, 2024 Shadow in the Ward By Ari Gray

When technology turns against us, an ER doctor must outsmart a rogue AI during a hospital lockdown. Witness the power of human creativity in this captivating blend of suspense and science. The ultimate thriller unfolds in this pulse-pounding journey through medicine's new frontier!

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Humanity is reaching out to the stars. Something out there is reaching back…Vinland is a colony of corpses. The Mars outpost was our first tentative step out of the cradle. More than a half century after man first walked on the moon we were finally exploring our own solar system.

And we found m...

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MARCH 11, 2024 Spaceship Down: An Epic Space Opera Saga By Christian Kallias

What would you do if an alien spaceship crashed right in front of you?
Kevin wants to prove to his father he isn’t a loser. On the day he gets rejected from MIT, he goes for a long walk by the lakeside to try to figure out his life.

That’s the night he discovers that not only are humans no...

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MARCH 04, 2024 Crash. Burn. Die. (Reality Bleed Book 3) By J.Z. Foster

[US + UK] They crawl inside you and take your body.

Split up and wounded, the crew of the Perihelion is still fighting for their survival. The mysterious Will Braun is a man of dark secrets, some of which he only now chooses to reveal.

With the whole station threatening critical failure, will ...

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FEBRUARY 28, 2024 Hellfire: A Military Sci-Fi Mech Series By Rick Partlow

Nathan Stout was born to save the world.

Cloned from the genes of heroes past, tossed aside when the Army abandoned the program, Nate has seized his own destiny. Forming the Broken Arrow Mercenary Force, he leads a team of hired guns piloting cutting-edge mechs in a last-ditch effort to restore ...

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A galaxy-conquering alien fleet is on Earth’s doorstep!

In the shadow of the cosmos, an unstoppable alien fleet advances, leaving a trail of conquered worlds in its wake. The Xortaag armada, an epitome of galactic might, now sets its sights on Earth. Yet hope flickers in the most unlikely of he...

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