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Brad Mendoza is an idiot. He knows it, and so does everyone else. A promising naval career down the drain just because he accidentally killed 504 civilians. So, it's time for him to give up and accept a dead-end command on Persephone, the worst ship in the fleet. Until he meets the beautiful and cun...

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OCTOBER 02, 2023 Dreadnought: Ranger By Richard Tongue

The opening shots of the Martian-American War have been fired, and while through skill, guile and sheer good luck the U.S.S. Saratoga and her crew emerged victorious, that victory came at a bitter, bloody cost, the bulk of the Extrasolar Fleet lying in ruins. Captain Forrest and his rag-tag crew mus...

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SEPTEMBER 29, 2023 TOPGUN: Phoenix By Michael Anderle

Mia escaped in one piece from the ice ball masquerading as a planet, but what now?

To start, she's got a laundry list of questions about her father and her origins.

It’s just her luck that the answers to her questions have the potential to topple regimes.

She has to tread carefully or mak...

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The invaders are gone. Earth is in ruins. The strong prey on the weak. In the wastelands of what’s left, a lone gunslinger delivers his own brand of justice. Some call him lawman. Some call him madman. Some call him vigilante. Some call him killer. Some call him legend.

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Kiera Alexander is the Mage-Queen of Mars, ruler of a hundred worlds and the protector of humanity. She is also unmarried and in desperate need of an heir—a duty that has left her traveling the Core Worlds of the Martian Protectorate aboard the luxury liner Extravagant Voyage.

Her mission? Meet...

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SEPTEMBER 25, 2023 Superdreadnought 1: A Military AI Space Opera By CH Gideon

Alone and unafraid. Sometimes you prevent war by hunting down your enemies.
Integrated with a superdreadnought, the artificial intelligence known as Reynolds takes his ship across the universe in search of the elusive Kurtherians. He comes to a revelation. He’s better in the company of living cre...

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SEPTEMBER 25, 2023 Final Invasion (Oblivion Book 3) By Joshua James

The invasion has begun.

On the capital world of Vassar-1, the Allied Independent Colonies find themselves in a race against time to stop a terrorist plot that could bring chaos to the galaxy.

As the terror spreads, Earth provides nothing but deception and subterfuge.

With time running out, ...

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SEPTEMBER 22, 2023 Breaker Marine By James David Victor

As a Breaker, she was destined to live a hard life serving the whims of galactic corporations. As an Earth Alliance Marine, she has a chance to change the balance of power in the galaxy.

A military sci-fi adventure from Amazon All-Star author James David Victor

Holly Cropper grew up as a Break...

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SEPTEMBER 22, 2023 Revolt at Zeta Doradus: An ISC Fleet Novel By Rock Whitehouse

The war with the Preeminent is over.

Or, is it?

David Powell could tell something strange was happening around Zeta Doradus. There were too many Preeminent SLIP messages that just didn’t make sense, and he knew that could mean trouble not just for the Fleet, but the new Preeminent Leaders at...

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Five months to Titan. Four brave crew members. One incredible mystery.