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APRIL 10, 2024 The Tales of Zren Janin: Boxed Set By M.L. Dunker

The Tales of Zren Janin are stories of adventure, political intrigue, soldiers, spies, and bravery where no one is safe, promises are casually broken and justice demands a price. For readers who like great world-building in a South Pacific setting, heart-pounding escapes, stories about spies, sabot...

APRIL 05, 2024 The Tunnel Under The World By Frederik Pohl

Guy Burckhardt wakes up screaming, but can't remember the nightmare that caused his fright. Slowly over the next couple of days he comes to realize he's been reliving the same day over and over. And things only get stranger and more frightening from there. One of the true classics of science fiction...

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Imagine a world filled with human-animal hybrids.
They're stronger than us. Faster. More deadly and hungry. Always hungry.

Now, step inside the laboratory and witness their creation.
Created as weapons. Designed to obey.
No one expected them to want revenge.

This is Mutter's story.

For t...

A single warship against a pirate fleet?

Most captains would call that insane. But when a routine patrol of a border system reveals six pirate ships attacking a mining colony, Captain Brad Mendoza, Commander Katherine Henderson, and the crew of HMS Lancer will do whatever it takes to save the day...

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"An epic tale…"—Library Journal

A thrilling fantasy box set! Read the first three books in the series reviewers are calling, "Gritty, fast-paced, and compelling!"


A shadow of its former self, once powerful Brynth is now a realm destroyed by plague, famine, and monstrous b...

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MARCH 11, 2024 Resonant Dust: Stories - Volume 1 By Stan C. Smith

Get comfortable. Turn down the lights. Immerse yourself in the hypothetical.
Swarms of microscopic entities traveling through space are hidden within clouds of cosmic dust. A child knows what people will say before they even speak. Training on another planet for the Olympics, an athlete gets more t...

MARCH 06, 2024 SCOUT (Darverius, House of DaR Book 11) By Jennifer Julie Miller

The ultimate betrayal on his face when he sees that plug in my hand shatters my cybernetic heart. Helpless, my world turns to chaos, and I spiral downward, crushed by my very own actions.

Trying to be the hero, I lost it all without even knowing it. The world went on without me...

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MARCH 06, 2024 Secondhand Spaceman By Rachel Aukes

Life as a space repo man isn't as bad as Frank expected: it's worse.

Kidnapped by a cantankerous alien boss, Frank's plans to be a truck driver takes a wild turn when he's forced to take over his deadbeat dad's job… or else.

With only his dad's dilapidated spaceship and an arrogant AI mentor...

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Named BEST FANTASY by Many Books Promotions!

From the author of The Death Wizard Chronicles comes a new adventure suitable for teens and adults. Do You Believe in Magic? is book 1 of Dark Circles, a teen fantasy adventure trilogy for readers 13 and older. This is a great coming of age series for ...

FEBRUARY 02, 2024 Cataschism (Space Tales Book 2) By Velvet Davis

Frivolity Higgs never underestimates the gravity of a situation, especially since this usually lands her on her rear. So when she’s sent to investigate the meaning of a mysterious letter seemingly authored by someone living on an asteroid—one on course to hit a planet—she refuses to leave that...