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OCTOBER 30, 2023 Only the Dead Don't Die: An Apocalyptic Series By A.D. POPOVICH

Surviving the pandemic’s un-deadly aftermath is only the beginning! A few survive: the unlucky ones, the immune, and those relishing a life of lawlessness. Experience the End Times through their eyes as they struggle to outwit the evil holding Earth hostage. With hope as their last weapon of defen...

Smuggling precious cargo to a remote colony was supposed to be easy. I was dead wrong.
Awarded Silver Honorable Mention in the recent first quarter Volume 40 of L. Ron Hubbard's Writers of the Future contest.

Smuggling is a dangerous business and Reese Daniels has the score of a lifetime within ...

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Imagine a world filled with human-animal hybrids.
They're stronger than us. Faster. More deadly and hungry. Always hungry.

Now, step inside the laboratory and witness their creation.
Created as weapons. Designed to obey.
No one expected them to want revenge.

This is Mutter's story.

For t...

OCTOBER 11, 2023 Compulsory: A Murderbot Short Story By Martha Wells

Murderbot—the sardonic, almost-homicidal, media-loving android created by Martha Wells—has proven to be one of the most popular characters in 21 st century science fiction. Everything that makes this protagonist (it would be wrong to call Murderbot a hero) beloved of fans is on display in Compul...

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OCTOBER 11, 2023 Roanfire Saga: Entire Series By C.K. Miller

Keatep Brendagger can fight pirates, hold her own in a duel, and face armies. But when it comes to the recurring nightmare of a burning ruby, she is breaking. The ruby is real, alive, and hungers for more than just her soul. It craves Roanfire.

In this captivating young adult fantasy series, Kea...

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SEPTEMBER 29, 2023 Soured: A Collection Of Short Stories By J.C. Moore

Strange creatures, gruesome murders, oozing organisms, unfathomable abductions, enigmatic expeditions, an age-old malevolence, and much more...
J.C. Moore, author of The Repayment, delivers a collection of dark horror tales that are both chilling and poignant.

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[US + UK] For adventurous readers only.

Meet your next favorite author with this collection of speculative fiction shorts and excerpts.

A zombie hoping for his big break. A robot caught up in his master's deadly schemes. Two sisters who've never met a monster they couldn't defeat. A city run b...

NOW AVAILABLE : All three books in the series in one volume. Athena Lee had everything going for her. She graduated the Space academy and had become an Engineer. Her first posting was to an Support fleet building a secret outpost. When her ship is attacked and destroyed she is left alone and forgott...

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They may soon live among us: cyborgs, genetically enhanced humans, interspecies hybrids, androids, artificial intelligences, aliens in disguise. How will they feel and act toward their human siblings? How will humans react to them? And how will all our lives change as a result?

These questions ar...

AUGUST 23, 2023 Sunset Stays (Sci-Fi Sizzlers) By Craig A. Falconer

The grass isn’t always greener on the other side of the sun…

On their golden wedding anniversary, Lorraine Green and her husband made an unbreakable pact:

As the surviving partner, her life insurance payout will fund a one-way ticket to the solar system's most exclusive retirement communit...