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OCTOBER 19, 2020 Star Stuff: Science Fiction and Fantasy Stories By Daniel Arenson

Science fiction and fantasy stories from a USA Today bestselling author.

Carl Sagan famously said that we are made of star stuff. The atoms in our bodies were forged in the hearts of stars. We are a way for the universe to know itself.

Science fiction is the literature of ideas. Of exploration...

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OCTOBER 19, 2020 Cydonia Rising By Dave Walsh

The Emperor of the galaxy has fallen, slain at the hands of his own son. Forced into exile, Katrijn was tasked with a mission sent to her by her father from beyond the grave: free the people of the Andlios Republic. Her biggest hurdle? First it's the assassins sent after her by the emperor. After ye...

OCTOBER 16, 2020 Star Wolf Superbox By Michael Wallace

Flying at the helm of a powerful battle cruiser, former pirate Catarina Vargus leads a collection of colonists, miners, engineers, and navy personnel to establish an outpost far beyond the frontier. The Royal Navy needs a forward operating base in their war against the alien race known as Apex, who ...

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OCTOBER 16, 2020 Honor Bound: A Military Sci-Fi Series By Rick Partlow

Some enemies just won’t die…Return to the star-spanning human Republic of Duty, Honor, Planet as chief of Fleet Intelligence Jason McKay and his deadly executive officer Shannon Stark take on another dire threat to humanity!

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OCTOBER 16, 2020 Guardian Ship By Mark Wayne McGinnis

Dominic Moretti was dealing with a lot of issues. Life hadn’t been easy since returning home from Afghanistan. His marriage was on the rocks, his sports betting was out of control, and he was hanging out with the wrong cronies in Manhattan’s Little Italy—just another war hero who couldn’t pi...

OCTOBER 16, 2020 Legacy of War: First Encounter By Joshua James

CAN PEACE EVER BE TRUSTED? A century ago, an alien fleet attacked Earth. Over decades of bitter war, humanity slowly pushed them back. Eighteen months ago, a truce was struck. The aliens disappeared. Humanity stood down. But there are those who will never trust the aliens.

"Alien invasion with an awesome twist!"

Over 2,000 pages of nonstop action! Two decades of bitter war between Earth and her furthest colonies is finally at an end. Captain Lee Saito's massive new starship is sent to seal the uneasy truce.

But a series of terrorist attacks on Earth and the myst...

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OCTOBER 12, 2020 Alien Mate Machine: A Sci-Fi Romance By Penelope Woods

This land is ruled by predators. And I am their prey.

I'm leaving Earth to live in the colony planet Draxon because I need an escape. To start a new life and leave Chicago - and my broken heart - behind.

But on the way there, something goes wrong. Before we can land safely, the cockpit doors f...

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OCTOBER 12, 2020 Against Time By Dean Wesley Smith

USA Today bestselling author Dean Wesley Smith introduces his galaxy-spanning Seeders Universe with a new novel. Paleontologist Callie Sheridan spent a few days deep in the Oregon Caves on a dig with three students from the University of Oregon. When they emerged, they found almost everyone in the w...

OCTOBER 09, 2020 Black Sheep: A Space Opera Adventure By Rachel Aukes

An alien ship. Stolen colonists. All Throttle wanted was a vacation...Fifteen years into a twenty-year voyage, war veteran Captain Throttle Reyne is looking forward to taking a break from dealing with malfunctions, glitches, and the hassles of monitoring a thousand colonists in cryo-sleep.

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