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Ever wished a portal would open up and swallow you? Don’t. Trust me.

Slinging hotdogs may not be the most glorious side gig, but hey, if it paid for college, that’s all Emma could ask for. And let’s be real, of all the crowds in the world, what were the odds that Comic-Con would get Portall...

SEPTEMBER 20, 2023 Red Widow (The Chronicles of Jesse Ames Book 1) By Luanne Bennett

How to tell if a vampire is lying to you—when his mouth is moving!

To do list:

- Find a missing husband who may or may not be a real dirtbag
- Rescue a wizard from a dragon
- Save a poodle from getting eaten by vampires—seriously

It’s just another day at JT Investigations, only this...

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When Susan’s friend’s daughter turns up missing, she has no choice but to use her gift (Book 5 of 5).

SEPTEMBER 18, 2023 The Sorcerous Crimes Division: The Servant's Tower By Scott Warren

Over a year has passed since the Devilbone incident, and the Sorcerous Crimes Division struggles to rebuild their ranks in the wake of the destruction cause by Daishad Clayton and his Plaguestone.

In The Servant’s Tower, Commander Alcott Vulfort is forced into a medical retirement so that he ca...

When Susan’s friend’s daughter turns up missing, she has no choice but to use her gift (Book 5 of 5).


[US + UK] Stonehenge stands as a unifying monument and temple to the Britons - proud and protective, a shield against foreign invaders wishing to plunder the tin and flint from the land, and intrude on the sacred chalk lands of the Great Plain, home to the Ancestors.

Out of the West comes a lead...

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SEPTEMBER 15, 2023 Truthwarden By Russel Storm

For one hundred years, the people of Shuoma have been plagued by hordes of demonic jin. Their only hope are the Wali, champions powered by Truth who can survive even death.

Sett has dreamed of becoming a Wali his entire life. When the elite warriors arrive at his small town, he leaves his father ...

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SEPTEMBER 13, 2023 The Yawning Gap: A Fantasy Adventure By C.V. Vobh

Invisible boundaries have isolated Cor's village for centuries. He discovers a way out. What he finds outside is a blighted and violent world in decline. Similar boundaries have fragmented the earth, while draining it of life—and he is tasked with fixing it, together with several fellow wandere...

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Allister is a combat healer, and a good one at that, capable of healing that which others cannot. In fact, he might even be the best in the entire kingdom. However, he didn't become so powerful by sheer luck or coincidence.

Hiding a dark past full of horrors and torment, his already dangerous lif...

SEPTEMBER 11, 2023 Dragon Missing By Talia Beckett

The world is guarded by dragons. Lurking in the shadows and keeping out of sight, they keep evil at bay.

Or do they?

Scarlet lives an ordinary life in LA. She is going about her life as normal when she finds out the hard way about the creatures that go bump in the night.

With her guardia...

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