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JULY 24, 2023 The Order: An Epic Fantasy Novel By R. C. Butler

For nearly one hundred years the magi have co-existed in a forced peace, the black order ruling and those in red robes settling for their subservient role. This peace, however, is threatened when the young protégé, Ayres, defies the order and assumes the forbidden white robes.

When a break-away...

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JULY 21, 2023 Warbringer (Descendants of the Fall Book 1) By Aaron Hodges

Centuries ago, the world fell.
From the ashes rose a terrible new species—the Tangata.
Now they wage war against the kingdoms of man. And humanity is losing.

Recruited straight from his academy, twenty-year-old Lukys hopes the frontier will make a soldier out of him. But Tangata are massing i...

JULY 21, 2023 Coyote Cal - Tales from the Weird West By Milo James Fowler

There's Trouble on the Range.

In these thrilling tales from yesteryear, Coyote Cal and his trusty sidekick Big Yap encounter a wizard able to change his shape at will, a scheming witch, a confused zombie, la chupacabra grande, bloodthirsty vampyres, and other sordid fiends. Our heroes will have t...

JULY 19, 2023 Waterspell Book 1: The Warlock By Deborah J. Lightfoot

Making a place for yourself in a world where you don't belong takes courage. So does moving in with a warlock.

Drawn into the schemes of an angry wizard, Carin glimpses the place she once called home. It lies upon a shore that seems unreachable. To learn where she belongs and how to get there, th...

[US Sale] When a deadly woman from a clan that tortures eagles into submission captures Morlen's dear companion, Roftome, he embarks on a quest more terrifying than any he has yet undertaken.

Going alone into the Mountains of the Lost, Morlen treks an uncertain path through hostile forces that em...

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Gary Burns thought he’d created a masterpiece. Instead, he’d created a prison for his friends—and himself.

Gary Burns just wanted to create the greatest RPG campaign of his gaming career. But a freak magical accident sucks him into the very world he created—as himself.
Surrounded by hero...

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JULY 17, 2023 Midnight Rider: A Dark Urban Fantasy By D.V. Wolfe

Always read the fine print. Especially when you’re making a deal with the devil. Because demons are sneaky bastards.

That’s how they got me. Well, and the rest of my hometown. A few hours of what I asked for and then we were all dragged to Hell. Luckily, those jokes about lawyers and Hell are...

A game so real it hurts.

Ryan Rosa has had a run of bad luck, but when he receives a VIP package for the newest and hottest game to come out in years his luck takes a turn for the better. But his good luck ends when he's stabbed in the back by a guild of players who betray him for a unique weapon...

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Aided by a bard and a mage, an unlikely hero seeks to free his family from the curse of an ancient heirloom

More than a hunk of junk, the Wyvern’s Spur has moldered in a crypt for fifteen generations—until now. The Wyvernspur family’s powerful heirloom has been stolen, and its grand wizard...

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JULY 12, 2023 Black Wings (Chooser of the Slain Book 5) By Michael Anderle

Valerie Kearie is still dealing with the issues behind her brother’s pain.

Unfortunately, another group has decided to “elevate” the poor, the weak, and the easily susceptible and help them achieve greatness.

Or Death.

They do not care which.

Introducing a new drug, Ambrosia, to th...

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