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FEBRUARY 22, 2021 Every Dying Hour: A Martin Aubrey Novel By Justin Rishel

In the future, there is no need for sleep.

Zentransa, a revolutionary pill, gives its users the ability to live a true 24 hour day...fully awake. Only a few can get the Z pill, however, and society revolves around those that do.

Not everyone is happy about it. One Front for the People are terr...

FEBRUARY 22, 2021 When You Had Power (Nothing is Promised 1) By Susan Kaye Quinn

The Power Islands give humanity a fighting chance, but tending kelp farms and solar lilies is a lonely job. The housing AI found power engineer Lucía Ramirez a family match, saying she should fit right in with the Senegalese retraining expert who’s a force of nature, the ex-Pandemic Corps cook wi...

Special Forces veteran Travis Combs just wanted to forget his weary years of leading combat missions while taking an extended rafting trip through the Grand Canyon. As he and his group complete a 22-day trip on the Colorado River, they find the world has unraveled from a deadly pandemic. Now, he has...

[US+CAN] Do you like funny, fast-paced space opera featuring space pirates, surly artificial intelligences, dashing rogues, alien artifacts, and deadly surprises? You’ll love these three stories from the Starship Ass universe:

FEBRUARY 12, 2021 Entanglement: A Dystopian Sci-Fi Thriller By Alina Leonova

A mind-bending sci-fi thriller that will hook you right away. There is no distinction between the virtual and the real here, and simulations are a way to escape into an alternative reality. An inexplicable plague has turned plants deadly, and people have to build on top of old structures in hopes of...

FEBRUARY 12, 2021 Crystalline Space: A Space Fantasy Adventure By A.K. DuBoff

"Do-overs" are possible. Elle awakens on a spaceship. Her body is different, she has new magical abilities, and she’s told her civilization's fate is in her hands. A mysterious Darkness has infected the crystalline network connecting the settled works. The unique properties of the crystals allow r...

FEBRUARY 10, 2021 Negation Force (Obsidiar Fleet Book 1) By Anthony James

Negation Force. A planet without power, locked down by an alien war fleet. The human Confederation has known an unprecedented time of peace, unheard of in a universe where every other species is not only technologically advanced, but also incredibly hostile.

FEBRUARY 10, 2021 Fire Fight (The Fire Planets Saga Book 1) By Chris Ward

In a far corner of the galaxy, the seven systems of the Fire Quarter face a terrible threat from a dangerous warlord.
On the fire planet of Abalon 3, evil Raylan Climlee threatens to unleash a wave of destruction in order to take control of the planet's valuable source of trioxyglobin, a dangerous ...

FEBRUARY 08, 2021 Infiltration: A Cadicle Space Opera By A.K. DuBoff

Set in the internationally bestselling Cadicle space opera universe from Nebula Award finalist author A.K. DuBoff, the standalone Mindspace series is perfect for fans of sci-fi with superhuman abilities, political intrigue, military action, and devious aliens. Grab your copy today!

It is 2106. Seventy years have passed since our world collapsed in complete banking disaster. A new élite rules, more in tune with the times. Overpopulation, mass extinctions and climate change are problems no longer. For most people, staying alive is the problem.