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SEPTEMBER 11, 2020 The Crimson Claymore: A Heroic Epic Fantasy Adventure By Craig A. Price Jr.

A warrior seeking vengeance…A snarky wizard searching for a leader…The entire realm of Calthoria is at stake if no one can stop the reptilian draeyks…

SEPTEMBER 11, 2020 Outlaw (Rebel Stars Book 1) By Edward W. Robertson

IN THE YEAR 2010, an alien virus nearly wiped out the human race. A thousand years later, mankind has recovered and ventured into space. There has been no sign of the aliens since. Humanity remains confined to the Solar System. All that is about to change.

SEPTEMBER 09, 2020 Mindtouch (The Dreamhealers Book 1) By M.C.A. Hogarth

Seersana University is worlds-renowned for its xenopsychology program, producing the Alliance's finest therapists, psychiatric nurses and alien researchers. When Jahir, one of the rare and reclusive Eldritch espers, arrives on campus, he's unprepared for the challenges of a vast and multicultural so...

SEPTEMBER 09, 2020 Crimson Tempest (Survival Wars Book 1) By Anthony James

Fifty-three years after it vanished, Earth's only Super-Devastator warship, the ESS Crimson sends out a distress signal...Humanity is fighting against an implacable foe. The Ghasts – a ruthless alien race - seem hell-bent on wiping out mankind. They have a vast warfleet and their technology is adv...

SEPTEMBER 04, 2020 Fall to Earth By Ken Britz

A desperate athlete. A super-soldier experiment. Will cutting-edge technology change the world or destroy it?

SEPTEMBER 04, 2020 Fire with Fire (Caine Riordan Book 1) By Charles E. Gannon

2105, September: Intelligence Analyst Caine Riordan uncovers a conspiracy on Earth's Moon—a history-making clandestine project—and ends up involuntarily cryocelled for his troubles. Twelve years later, Riordan awakens to a changed world. Humanity has achieved faster-than-light travel and is pion...

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SEPTEMBER 01, 2020 Neverness By David Zindell

[Not available in all regions, sorry!] The price of greater life is death . . . .In an age of exploding stars and other cataclysmic galactic events in which Homo sapiens has long since split into different kinds, Mallory Ringess becomes a pilot of the Order of Mystic Mathematicians and Other Seekers...

SEPTEMBER 01, 2020 Future Adventures: 8 Book Box Set By Patty Jansen
SEPTEMBER 01, 2020 Save the City (Save the Humans Book 1) By Sean Platt

WHEN ALIENS INVADE, ONLY A CON MAN CAN SAVE THE DAY...Hollis Palmer is not a good man. An unapologetic thief and womanizer, Hollis has no time for anything that won’t profit him directly. So while the rest of the world is staring up in shock as aliens race toward Earth, he's busy stealing a case v...