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NOVEMBER 27, 2023 Alien Hunters: A Free Space Opera Novel By Daniel Arenson

The skelkrins. Predators from deep space. Creatures of claws, fangs, and unending malice. They swarm across the galaxy, slaying all in their path. Planets burn in their wake. And now they're heading to Earth.

Raphael "Riff" Starfire commands the Alien Hunters, a group of scruffy mercenaries. Gala...

NOVEMBER 20, 2023 A Dead Ship in the Deep Black By Rene Astle

Rule number 1: Whatever you do, don't open the box.

Well, that's rule number two actually. Rule number one is don't take salvage jobs from people who've tried to sell you to an Antillian bug salesman.

Neara "Tink" Bell is used to a life of odd jobs and even odder crewmates, working as the eng...

NOVEMBER 17, 2023 COLD RISING: A Cold Rush Novella By Rohan O'Duill

After a job gone wrong, Special Agent Olgo is trapped within the bowels of Mars with no means of escape. The device that imprisons the trauma within them is about to fail, and the past terrors kept hidden by it must be contained for Olgo’s sanity and everyone's safety.

From the darkness comes a...

Detective Alex Blackhawk join forces with the spaceship crew after a terrorist tries to destroy evidence of a nine year old crime in the 25th century (Book 7 of 10).

Detective Alex Blackhawk join forces with the spaceship crew after a terrorist tries to destroy evidence of a nine year old crime in the 25th century (Book 7 of 10).

NOVEMBER 06, 2023 MERCS (Crimson Worlds Successors #1) By Jay Allan

Earth has been a scarred ruin for three decades, its scattered people struggling to endure amid the poisoned and radioactive wreckage of the final war between its despotic Superpowers. While the people of Earth fight to survive, out on the frontier, on a thousand worlds, mankind thrives and grows, b...

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NOVEMBER 03, 2023 The New God of Mars: Red Frontier Book 1 By Gayne C. Young

Mars is a lawless planet, its frontier teetering on the edge of anarchy.
Jack Taylor is thrust into the crucible when descendants of the First Colony, led by the self-proclaimed New God of Mars, unleashes a melee of violence upon the land unlike anything ever seen on the Red Planet. Together with ...

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NOVEMBER 03, 2023 Empire Eternal: Reset By Philipp Münzer

They wiped out the Vorrans. They wiped out the humans. They will come again.

As Korbin stands on the ashes of an Empire, the last battle in the last human world is lost as he fights next to his prince and his friend Lo'Karr. Just as he tries to initiate a desperate magic teleport to flee Britannu...

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NOVEMBER 01, 2023 Galaxy Unknown (Forgotten Galaxy Book 1) By M.R. Forbes

Two hundred years ago, the generation starship Pathfinder fled a war-torn Earth, never to be heard from again. Until now...

Captain Caleb Card and his crew are on a mission to investigate a transmission believed to be from the lost ship. Ambushed upon arrival, they immediately fear the worst. But...

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He’s been stranded beyond the stars for years. When he buys himself a down-and-out squad, he crash-lands into a whole galaxy of trouble…Lone human Wil Calder is bored out of his freakin’ mind. So when he gets word of a couple of criminals being hauled to a penal colony, he figures he’s got a...