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What if monsters are real?
. . . and they know you by name?

Years after the grisly murder of her older sister, Lissy Oullette-a waitress in a small mountain town—is struggling to move on with her life when something rips it all apart . . . again.

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MARCH 07, 2022 Awakening By G Clatworthy

She wants a quiet life. Then they kidnap her friend. Can she survive an encounter with a cult and a dragon or will it end in fire and blood?

MARCH 07, 2022 Rescue Charlie By C.P. James

They called it the Dust Cloud. An impenetrable barrier around the system. Any probe sent into it destroyed instantly.
Yet it is William Devarre’s destination. An explorer has been lost within it. His job: find Charles Wentworth. Preferably alive.

Betray your family. Save your world.

Kara Syung leads a life of privilege and comfort among Hokkaido’s elites. A secure future; a scripted career; an arranged husband. Yet she senses a darkness beneath the glamor and the power. Then Kara’s brother whispers in her ear:

“They’re going t...

It's a dangerous thing, creating glass slippers for a prince ...

Seventeen-year-old Chiara Dragoni is a master glassmaker of Venice, a position that is both a privilege — and a trap. For the glassmakers of Murano are forbidden to ever leave the islands of the Venetian lagoon. When Chiara's uncl...

MARCH 04, 2022 Get Smoked Or Go Home By Martha Carr

It's been so long, Warrior… I can feel you…

Is Idina Moorfield going crazy or has an ancient magic found its source?

Her family says she’s not a true Moorfield and will never be good enough for the family business.

Sometimes what looks like the worst day ever, is the beginning of our ...

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In a world where magic is a science, Siobhan Naught is a genius.
But even geniuses need schooling.

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MARCH 04, 2022 The Multiverse Askew By Christopher Brimmage

A mischief god. Reincarnated dictators. Cosmic teddy bears. The Multiverse is a weird place. Unfortunately, its fate lies in the hands of the laziest guy on Earth.

Art has no desire to leave his couch. All he wants to do is sit there and watch his television for the rest of his life. But when a ...

MARCH 02, 2022 The Intrusion: Baltin Prequel By Melissa Riddell

Nearing high school graduation, Tilly Morgan’s eager to leave her small Texas town. Armed with a plan to start fresh with her older sister in Florida, her dreams go up in smoke when the planet goes dark.

An electromagnetic pulse ravages Earth, rendering the world’s electrical grid useless. No...

MARCH 02, 2022 The Glass Gargoyle By Marie Andreas

Magic. Mayhem. Drunken faeries.

Archeologist Taryn St. Giles has spent her life mining the ruins of the elves who vanished from the Four Kingdoms a thousand years ago. But when her patrons begin disappearing too-and then turning up dead—she finds herself unemployed, restless, and desperate. So ...