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SEPTEMBER 20, 2021 Empire Reborn: A Cadicle Space Opera By A.K. DuBoff

[WINNER - 2021 Readers’ Favorite International Book Awards]

Break the treaty, be destroyed.
We forgot.
Now we pay the price.

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SEPTEMBER 20, 2021 Hostile Spike By Daniel Gibbs

Justin volunteers to pilot a captured enemy aircraft on what he discovers too late is a suicide mission. For any chance of survival, he’ll need to rely on more than sheer skill and dumb luck.

He’ll need a miracle.

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SEPTEMBER 20, 2021 When They Came By Kody Boye

I'm just about to graduate from school and declare my career of choice. The Midnight Guard—who protect our community from the vicious things that lie outside our walls—calls to me, and a shortage of applicants instantly lands me a spot in their ranks.

But when I am bitten by an alien on a su...

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SEPTEMBER 17, 2021 Hot Halcon Nights: A Tale of the Pan-Galactic Empire By Joseph Isenberg

Rutherford thought he had found the ideal solution when he received a grant from the school's athletic department to create model basketball players by genetically enhancing and ensapientizing lemurs.

Unfortunately, the plan went awry, leaving the professor out of a job and the lemurs, broke and...

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SEPTEMBER 17, 2021 Virtue of War By L.O. Addison

Kaylin Ramirez has been framed for the heist of the Virtue of War - an elite alien weapon with the power to destabilize the universe. She faces death if she doesn't return this legendary weapon.

How can she return what she doesn't have? She'll have to steal it from the actual thieves.

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SEPTEMBER 17, 2021 Star Watch By Mark Wayne McGinnis

Join the Star Watch crew on their first mission to the planet of Trom, where hostile Pharlom invaders have appropriated high altitude cloud-ports as prisoner of war camps. As a fierce battle in space ensues, fragmented warships fall into Trom's atmosphere and head right for a populated cloud-port.

SEPTEMBER 15, 2021 First Light: A Military Sci-Fi Series By Casey E. Berger

She lost everything. Now, she's fighting back. When Jaya Mill's parents were killed and her brother was kidnapped in an attack on her childhood home, she saw only one future for herself: enlist in the Union Starfleet and learn to defend herself.

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SEPTEMBER 15, 2021 The Atlantis Gene: A Thriller By A.G. Riddle

[US+CAN sale] In Antarctica, researchers discover a mysterious structure, buried in ice. In a lab in Jakarta, an autism researcher identifies a revolutionary treatment that could change everything. But these two incredible discoveries aren’t what they seem. They will set off a race to unravel the ...

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SEPTEMBER 15, 2021 Artificial By G.A. Everett

After Matt Carter is left for dead following an attempt on his life, the head of communications for the world's largest technology firm wakes up to find his brain has been replaced with an artificial intelligence and sets off to find out why; but a shocking discovery forces him off the grid where he...

Sometimes, life’s a real witch.

The night Allie is attacked by a dead man wearing a policeman's uniform. everything changes. To complicate matters, the spell her mother cast, the one preventing hungering shapeshifters from turning the world into their personal hunting ground, is crumbling. Cont...