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On the run from a life of slavery, the fireborn pegasus Purity Sweet is on the hunt for new breath. Her muscles burn on the fateful day that the Vharkhanan cities she fled to all this time threaten her execution. That which follows will either define or kill her, and she no longer cares which will c...

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JUNE 20, 2022 A Rip in Time (Tainted Blood Book 1) By Jeff Gunzel

The Sword of Truth meets The Wheel of Time in this epic fantasy series.

If there is one thing Viola knows for certain, it is that she’s inferior to all other beings. At least, that is what she has been told for as long as she can remember.

She was born a freak with no memory of her past, and...

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For Donnie Asher, guarding a diplomatic mission making contact with a strange species on a new planet is just part and parcel of being a Hokozana Corporation security operative. But when another corporation tries to seize the planet, all hell breaks loose and Asher is right in the middle.

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JUNE 20, 2022 The Luck of Han'anga By Thomas Watson

An age of peaceful exploration has ended. The centuries old dream of meeting an intelligent, nonhuman species has finally come true, in the form of the people known as the Leyra'an. But the dream soon becomes something darker when the Leyra'an prove to be more than just humanoid. They are like us to...

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JUNE 20, 2022 Anomaly One By Rick Krusky

The year is 2351 A.D.

A planet in a faraway system bursting at its overpopulated seams has been forced up and into the surrounding space above.

The result: a tangle of cities and floating empires collectively known as the Conglomerate.

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JUNE 17, 2022 Lucky Universe: Lucky's Marines | Book One By Joshua James

Ambushed behind enemy lines and left for dead along with a handful of privates so green they actually respect his authority, Lance Cpl. Lucky Lee Savage has to master his inner demons, manage the ambitions of his foul-mouthed AI, and figure out what is tearing a hole in the fabric of space-time befo...

JUNE 17, 2022 Rebel Dragon By Steve Turnbull

What value is freedom when you can’t even ride a dragon?

As the life of a slave goes, Kantees doesn't have it too bad. Being responsible for a racing dragon means her existence is more than just drudgery and fear, even if her life is at the whim of her masters and their rules.

But when her...

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JUNE 17, 2022 Between Jobs (The City Between Book 1) By W.R. Gingell

When you get up in the morning, the last thing you expect to see is a murdered guy hanging outside your window. Things like that tend to draw the attention of the local police, and when you’re squatting in your parents’ old house until you can afford to buy it, another thing you can’t afford i...

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Autumn Winters can suddenly see into another world, one full of supernatural beings that can't possibly exist. But another window has opened within her, bringing memories of when her sister also displayed magical abilities. That was just before her sister went missing, and she hasn't been seen since...

Technical Specialist Simon Brooks was no soldier. More suited for the academy than combat, his assignment to a rear echelon support squadron seemed a good fit. Everything changed when the Sleer attacked Earth’s newly salvaged spacecraft, UEF Ascension. In a flash, Brooks goes from fleeing a burnin...

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