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JANUARY 13, 2023 Sentenced to War By J.N. Chaney

Sit in prison or join the military. The choice is yours.

Convicted of a minor traffic violation, Rev Pelletier is conscripted into the Perseus Union Marine Corps... for up to a thirty-year term of service. Anxious to get back to his civilian life and job, he opts for a shorter term as a Marine Ra...

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JANUARY 13, 2023 Zoe Hearty And The Space Invaders By TE Norris

Sci-Fi Thriller meets psychological action in this book about a woman who realises that her husband is possessed by aliens!

What would you do if your other half is a real monster? And I do mean real...

Zoe Hearty is a serial killer. Even Netflix says so.

Well—either that or aliens are rea...

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JANUARY 13, 2023 The Exile: The Bound and The Broken Novella By Ryan Cahill

Do not hesitate. Do not contemplate mercy.

The Lorian empire took everything from Dayne.

His family. His home. His people.

He will carve a bloody path through Epheria. He will have his vengeance, by blade and by blood.

This is his story.

The story of The Exile.

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JANUARY 13, 2023 Goblin Mischief: An Orange Sinclair Novel By Kyler Anne Ford

A goblin and an FBI agent walk into a bar…

The only reason I’m not in federal prison for domestic terrorism is because the FBI can’t arrest someone for being a goblin.

It turns out, I’m not just any goblin. My estranged father was the king of goblins. The rest of the magical worl...

JANUARY 13, 2023 The 28th Gate: Volume 1 By Christopher C. Dimond

With a stolen experimental starship and a pair of advanced synthetic limbs, Hunter isn't an average bounty hunter.

When he accepted the job on a backwater planet, Hunter thought it would be easy. He and his partner just had to track down a missing researcher. But when they find her, she's fled a...

Our world fell to war and natural disasters. Robots powered by the Next Intelligence are taking over. Buckle up your exo-skeleton. We're in a new war now.

Trapped in a job she hates, Elizabeth Cruz is a young woman who is supposedly one of the lucky ones. She lives in the City in the Sky, both an...

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A washed-up pro athlete is transformed into a deadly swordsman.

Still reeling from the tragic events that threw his life into turmoil, Abraham Jenkins now rides the lonely roads as a delivery man. Until one day, he is catapulted into a bizarre fantasy world of assassins, monsters, and brutal lord...

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Magic can’t be real, right?
Tell that to the werewolf glaring at me with his near-black eyes or the handsome vampire lounging in the corner.
Did I enjoy growing up rejected by everyone I encountered because of my physical abnormalities? Hell no! The only thing I ever wanted was to be accepted ...

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JANUARY 11, 2023 Rend the Dark By Mark Gelineau

The great Ruins are gone. The titans. The behemoths. All banished to the Dark and nearly forgotten. But the cunning ones, the patient ones remain. They hide not in the cracks of the earth or in the shadows of the world. But inside us. Wearing our skin. Waiting. Watching.

Once haunted by visions o...

JANUARY 11, 2023 The Lost Star Episode One By Odette C. Bell

Some are born into responsibility. Some seek it out. And some turn from it.

Ava is an Avixan priestess, a powerful being with a powerful destiny to keep her people on the true and righteous path.
A destiny she despises. To flee it, she joins the Coalition Academy. But her past catches up. When s...