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MAY 05, 2021 Galactic Empires By Patty Jansen

Seven full-length novels of adventure, war, intrigue and survival in the far reaches of space.

MAY 03, 2021 Fight the Good Fight By Daniel Gibbs

Corporal David Cohen thought he’d left war behind.

He was wrong.

The Terran Coalition faces repeated and brutal attacks from the repressive League of Sol. To defend his home planet, David trades his dream of becoming a rabbi for a battlefront in the far reaches of space

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MAY 03, 2021 Conquest Rising By Eli Celata

The USS Intrepid set out to explore neighboring star systems, but the moment it passes into interstellar space, an enemy awaited, and a massacre ensued.

Cut off from Earth, the few survivors can only hope their warning reached the planet in time. One by one, the scientists and soldiers find thems...

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MAY 03, 2021 Day 115 on an Alien World By Jeannette Bedard

After a tarnished military record leaves her unable to find work on Earth, Margo is hunting for a fresh start. A colonizing mission heading to a new world creates the perfect opportunity—or at least that’s what she thinks.

Strapped into a crashing colony ship, she realizes how wrong she is.

APRIL 30, 2021 Yellow Tag By Kep Lagrange

Conroy braves the brutal heat and radiation of a violent star to repair the damaged hull of the space survey ship Pervideo. Outside and alone, the vast unforgiving nature of space turns against him as he struggles to get back inside before time runs out.

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APRIL 30, 2021 Invasion (Alien Invasion Book 1) By Johnny B. Truant

THEY ARE COMING. THE COUNTDOWN HAS BEGUN. The discovery of objects approaching from Jupiter orbit sets humanity on edge, sending cities into panic. Most is unknown, but thanks to the popular Astral space app, everyone knows the few facts the government has tried to hide:

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1899: years after the Catastrophe, Bridges is owned by the Mob. As the city's steam-driven infrastructure fails, a new faction rises: the Red Dogs.

APRIL 30, 2021 Clouds of Venus By Jeff Tanyard

Dale Kinmont is a college student in post-catastrophe America. He's lucky; he lives in one of the walled cities for the nation's elite, and life is pleasant. Everything changes when he's framed for murder. He's tried, convicted, and sentenced to hard labor in the prison colony on Mercury.

APRIL 28, 2021 Lights Over Cloud Lake By Nathan Hystad

Cloud Lake is a hotspot for UFO sightings.

Jessica Carver may have encountered one the night she disappeared.

This is her story.

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It's 2209. World War III has left humanity fragmented. Three colonies survive, each on a different world - Earth supports New Paris, its moon has become Nippon One, and Mars has Port Sydney. Trade and tensions bind them, keeping peace balanced on the edge of a precipice.

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