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MARCH 18, 2024 Boogie Beach: The Record, Book 1 By Winnie Winkle

Two bars, one magical and one human, lie in the exact same space. That should work. It’d better; I run those joints and we’re under attack.
I live a pretty weird life—as in gods in speedos, powerful witches with no patience for mere humans, and shifters whose vibrations make my guts quake. Pl...

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MARCH 18, 2024 The Ark By Christopher Coates

The Earth as we know it is about to end.

Technology has developed to the point where a person can be placed in a Sleep State: a cross between suspended animation and a drug-induced coma.

Just as the trial of the new technology is being completed, an unusual comet is discovered approaching Eart...

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Escape isn’t the hardest challenge for a slave – it’s staying free afterwards.

Siblings Thomas and Mia find themselves fleeing across a desolate land, hounded by the monstrous sand-hog, a steam-powered war machine bent on recapturing them at all costs.

Thomas fears the worst. He knows th...

Humanity is reaching out to the stars. Something out there is reaching back…Vinland is a colony of corpses. The Mars outpost was our first tentative step out of the cradle. More than a half century after man first walked on the moon we were finally exploring our own solar system.

And we found m...

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MARCH 18, 2024 Scythian Dawn: Book 1 By P.K. Lentz

An alternate Earth trapped in a perpetual Iron Age. An alien ship on the way to destroy all cities. One war band with the will to resist.

A young fisherman, an archer, a kingdom on its knees — can this unexpected duo save their people?

For Aedan, life as a fisherman by the Lunenshall River was dull. Alone with his father in the failing kingdom of Talidith, his only excitement was the occasional torn net, weekly trips to Castle Sh...

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MARCH 15, 2024 The Last Dawn: Chaos (The Last Dawn Series) By Richard C Hale

Death touches everyone.

At the peak of the summer in broiling and humid Miami, Cori Dresdon, watches as the world around her dies.

A virus—so devastating, it kills everyone it infects within 48 hours—has spread like wildfire throughout the world, bringing chaos and death in a matter of wee...

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MARCH 15, 2024 The Bradford Files: Books 1-3 By C.A. Sparks

The first three stories in a series of books in this coming of age story, that follow Miles Bradford with his best friends Felix Collins and Theo Arnold as they solve mysteries and hunt ghosts, all the while navigating high school life. Join this fun trio as they discover the secrets of their small ...

MARCH 15, 2024 The Bradford Files: Books 4-6 By C.A. Sparks

Is the second book in the series.
The Bradford Files is a coming-of-age story that will consist of six books. In the first book, Miles Bradford is an adolescent who discovers his ability to see ghosts. In this book, he learns more about his past and what that ultimate...

MARCH 15, 2024 The Ship (The Ship Saga Book 1) By Doug Brode

Casey Stevens awakens within a crashed alien vessel thirty-five years after she was abducted. Navigating inverted tunnels, she’s plagued by ghostly apparitions from her past and stalked by a ravenous, mutated experiment gone horribly wrong. When Casey discovers her own body is changing—becoming ...

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