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JANUARY 18, 2023 The Night Raven: Crow Investigations Series By Sarah Painter

The Night Raven is the first book in the bestselling urban fantasy mystery series, Crow Investigations.
Lydia Crow has always known she has no power, especially next to her infamous and more-than-slightly dodgy family. Which is why she carved her own life as a private investigator far away from Lon...

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JANUARY 18, 2023 Hot Cargo By Tom Shepherd

Capt. Strider Jackson of the Cargo Ship Wiley Traveler is desperate.

He's broke, in the drunk tank on an alien planet. And the Bank of Rahjen is ready to seize his vessel for back debts.

Then a Scottish Baroness bails him out with a money-making scheme. Just ferry a boatload of mail-order brid...

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JANUARY 18, 2023 Dark Fate: Book 12 - Kingdom By Stuart Grosse

With the Kingdom of Ceres revealed to the world, and now open for immigration, the world's eyes are all upon the new kid on the block. But what is life actually like in the newfound kingdom? How will people react to living in a new monarchy, in space, where the rules of the world they knew are left ...

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JANUARY 18, 2023 FIREFANGED: Demon in Exile By Rory Surtain

In a remote city on the edge of the Kingdom of Colivar, a young man named Ara encounters a demonic assassin and somehow survives. Not realizing the extent of the threat, he enlists with a company of demon slayers and comes to grips with a mysterious dark soul that shares his fight from within.


[US + UK] On October 15, Elizabeth Coombs wakes up from one nightmare to find herself in another. Her husband and son have gone on a midnight fishing trip and the world outside has changed in subtle but unmistakable ways. Her son returns home alone with no idea where his father is.

Just one probl...

JANUARY 16, 2023 Into the Unknown: A Science Fiction Anthology By Lower Decks Press

Eleven enthralling stories of mystery, discovery, and adventure.

What lies beyond the known?

An anomaly in space attracts the curious and the obsessive. An artificial intelligence expresses very real needs.
A civilization lives out its last days on a doomed generation ship.

From the recess...

JANUARY 16, 2023 Only the Dead Don't Die: An Apocalyptic Series By A.D. POPOVICH

Surviving the pandemic's un-deadly aftermath is only the beginning! A few survive: the unlucky ones, the immune, and those relishing a life of lawlessness. Experience the End Times through their eyes as they struggle to outwit the evil holding Earth hostage. With hope as their last weapon of defense...

[US + UK] I thought my luck couldn't get much worse but it's about to get a whole lot worse.

Forced into declaring war against the Netherworld and my father, I'll soon find myself fighting for everything I believe in.

In the process, I will have to decide whether or not to trust a centuries ol...

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JANUARY 16, 2023 War from a Distant Sun By Anthony James

When a Daklan annihilator drops out of lightspeed, make sure you're in a different solar system. Humanity is trapped in a decades-long conflict with a warlike alien species known as Daklan. The military's high command has played it safe for too long and now defeat seems inevitable.

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JANUARY 16, 2023 War God Rising By Tim Marquitz

Monty Python meets Gladiator!

Sand is destined for greatness. Or so a pair of two-bit criminals would have him believe.

After rescuing him from certain doom, Bess and Kaede embark on a scheme to game the War God Tournament. It’d be easier if Sand wasn’t an alcohol-soaked twit with a distur...

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