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SEPTEMBER 15, 2023 Truthwarden By Russel Storm

For one hundred years, the people of Shuoma have been plagued by hordes of demonic jin. Their only hope are the Wali, champions powered by Truth who can survive even death.

Sett has dreamed of becoming a Wali his entire life. When the elite warriors arrive at his small town, he leaves his father ...

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SEPTEMBER 15, 2023 The Leftover Girl Series By C.C. Bolick

The truth will set you free… unless you’re Jes Delaney.

Eleven years ago, Jes appeared barefoot in the headlights of an old Ford. A truck driven by a man who not only saved her life, but also adopted her. At fifteen, she can’t remember anything before that night.

Her mom’s hometown see...


[US + UK] Stonehenge stands as a unifying monument and temple to the Britons - proud and protective, a shield against foreign invaders wishing to plunder the tin and flint from the land, and intrude on the sacred chalk lands of the Great Plain, home to the Ancestors.

Out of the West comes a lead...

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Fed up with the ceaseless corruption plaguing Earth, a brilliant inventor, his cunning business partner, and an ambitious AI engineer gather ten thousand starry-eyed Brits and blast themselves out of the solar system towards a new home. Predictably, things go pear-shaped on the starship Olympia, and...

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SEPTEMBER 15, 2023 Race of Thieves: An Urban Fantasy Novel By SM Reine

[US + UK] You’d never know that Shatter Cage is a were-squirrel by looking at him. Between fake fire charms and his impenetrable confidence, everyone believes he’s the phoenix he claims to be.

The lie is a necessary part of his branding. He’s determined to become a Hero, blessed by the Orac...

SEPTEMBER 13, 2023 The Yawning Gap: A Fantasy Adventure By C.V. Vobh

Invisible boundaries have isolated Cor's village for centuries. He discovers a way out. What he finds outside is a blighted and violent world in decline. Similar boundaries have fragmented the earth, while draining it of life—and he is tasked with fixing it, together with several fellow wandere...

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SEPTEMBER 13, 2023 Robot Revenge AI Uprising By GF Haraldson

In this near-future sci-fi novel about robots and AI, society has reached a point where artificial intelligence and robotics have become a part of everyday life.

The story centers around Austin Nilsen, a US Army veteran and tech specialist who has spent years working on robotics programs and inte...

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In a world plagued with violence and infection, Ken and Roberta Smith want nothing more than to find their son. Having been on the road for four days, they must now cross the remaining three hundred miles of desert wasteland to get to him.


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SEPTEMBER 13, 2023 Treoir Dragon Chronicles of the Belador world By Dianna Love

Humans are panicking, ready to kill anything strange. Atlanta and the entire human race have one hope of surviving what's coming for them, but only if fear of the unknown does not drive them to kill their greatest protector first.

SEPTEMBER 13, 2023 Star Crusades: Valentine By Michael G. Thomas

Valentine never thought death would be so difficult. Now she’s an elite cyborg warrior looking for payback!

Tough, a crack shot and popular with her unit. She’s a young woman with a bright future in the Corps. But everything changed the day her unit boarded the dreaded ‘Burijas’, a Leviat...