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JANUARY 17, 2022 Cold Solar: A Dark and Gritty Sci-Fi Action Thriller By Anthony Robinson

A private corporation lands on Mars before NASA in the 2020's. The secrets they learn from the Martian rock revolutionize energy and genetics for those exposed to an ancient artifact of unknown origin.

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JANUARY 17, 2022 Wizard's Rise By Phillip Tomasso

Ambitious and corrupt, The Mountain King will stop at nothing to reach his goals. Enslaving a sorceress to do his bidding, he begins his hunt for lost talismans that can help him bring the wizards back, and harness their power.

JANUARY 17, 2022 The Valiant (Star Legend Book 1) By J.J. Green

King Arthur in outer space? Taylan suspects she knows who the mystery man is and what he’s capable of. If she’s right, can she convince her superiors and save the BA, her country, and her children?

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JANUARY 17, 2022 The Pale-Eyed Mage By Jennifer Ealey

With ancient prophecies coming to bear and deadly enemies at all sides, can they uncover the secrets of the dark amulet.. and survive?

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JANUARY 17, 2022 Ambassador 1: Seeing Red By Patty Jansen

A science fiction thriller with alien political scheming and the occasional gun fight. In Coldi society, you get killed for looking the leader in the eye. Try accusing him of murder.

JANUARY 14, 2022 Absence of Blade (The Expansion Series Book 1) By Caitlin Demaris McKenna

Professional assassin Gau Shesharrim wants to retire. But as his desperate colony’s best operative against the superior Terran forces, retirement is easier said than done.

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JANUARY 14, 2022 The Tomorrow Gene By Sean Platt

Ephraim Todd has landed in paradise: Eden, the largest artificial archipelago in the world. Eden is home to The Evermore Corporation — a company rumored to have created the Fountain of Youth and offers the ridiculously rich genetic enhancements and modifications the rest of the world can only drea...

After the death of her mother, Everly Boderleth has to go back to her spooky hometown, Shroudhaven, and she has a plan to get in and out as quick as possible.

Step one, clear out the family home and antique store.

Step two, watch her childhood sweetheart die violently at the hands of a horri...

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JANUARY 14, 2022 Smilodon (The Primogenitor Saga Book 1) By Robert M. Kerns

As the pre-eminent hunter for the Shifter Nations of North America, Gabrielle isn't surprised when the Shifter Council calls her. A rogue cougar has been killing hikers. The job: put the beast down, and do it fast. She has never failed a hunt.

JANUARY 14, 2022 Max Abaddon and the Will: Urban Fantasy Novel By Justin Leslie

Max was just having one of those days until he soon realized everything that goes bump in the night is real. Most people inherit a house, a pet, or money. Max Abaddon wasn't so lucky. His Gramps left him a job that required him to learn that magic was real, and he'd better learn how to use it. Soon�...

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