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FEBRUARY 23, 2024 The Conquest of Kiynan (The Kiynan Chronicles Book 1) By Eric P. Caillibot

The world of Kiynan erupts into war on all fronts.

An ancient Conjurer escapes from his imprisonment in the spirit world. Bent on revenge, he raises an army of demons draped in stolen flesh and bones. In a desperate bid to stop him, the magical Houses of Ornland seek help from their long-alienate...

One of New York Magazine’s 10 Best Comedy Books of 2023: “Clearly influenced by The Time Machine and Slaughterhouse-Five, it’s actually a well constructed time-travel novel … eliminating paradoxes and plot holes so common in the genre. … It’s funny but poignant, ridiculous but bitterswee...

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Professor Elliot Brand was done with adventures. But when his former lover Ashra Shah calls him to Antarctica he knows he is getting himself into trouble. Guarded by a military unit, hidden deeply in the uninhabitable parts of the frozen continent a ruin was found, that could be the most significant...

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A bad day off is better than a good day at work. At least that's what Seth thought until his dream vacation of visiting a civil war battleground came to life. Unfortunately, the dead soldiers that had been lying in peace had a hundred-year hunger to feed. Follow Seth and his family to see if they ca...

FEBRUARY 21, 2024 Galactic Exploration (First Contact) By Peter Cawdron

Follow the exploration of the Milky Way by the star ships Serengeti, Savannah and the Rift Valley. These three generational space ships are manned by clones and form part of the ongoing search for intelligent extra-terrestrial life. With the Serengeti heading out above the plane of the Milky Way, th...

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[US + UK] It should have been a simple extraction.

Rumors of unrest have caused the Alliance to recall its consulate stationed on the Khufu torus. Elodie Cyr and SRU Team Five are there to ensure it happens smoothly.

But the intelligence geeks' estimates were wrong — way wrong — and Ell ...

Flint thought that growing up in the dangerous frontier town of Far Enough, with six older brothers, would prepare her for anything...until she met the monster.

She had worked hard for a chance to study at the School for Wizards and Weirdlings, but things went sideways when fearsome magic turned ...

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FEBRUARY 19, 2024 YPP-234: The New Plague By Jacqueline Druga

[US + UK] Following a control breach at a top-secret facility, a weapons grade biological pathogen, YPP-234, escapes and quickly spirals out of control. It is deadly, it is fast, and it goes unnoticed until it is too late.

YPP-234 isn’t just a manmade biological weapon, it is a manmade extincti...

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FEBRUARY 19, 2024 Tartarus Gate: A Space Opera Series (The Collapse Book 1) By Matthew P. Gilbert

Captain Josiah Bleys is one heck of a smuggler. A man with no respect for rules, save one: 'Don’t be a hero'.

Chief Ragnar Kane, one of the Emperor's finest warriors, likewise harbors no aspirations toward gallantry, just increasing his kill count.

Fate, however, has other plans.

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FEBRUARY 19, 2024 Children of Apis: Book One: Rebel Blood By John Raposa

Sometimes rebellion flows in our blood, ready to be awakened. On July 28, 2057 a cataclysmic event occurred in the United States. Careful planning enabled a tiny percentage of the population to seek refuge underground. Twenty-seven years later the survivors continue the rebuilding process, back on t...