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JANUARY 27, 2023 Dragon Missing By Talia Beckett

The world is guarded by dragons. Lurking in the shadows and keeping out of sight, they keep evil at bay.

Or do they?

Scarlet lives an ordinary life in LA. She is going about her life as normal when she finds out the hard way about the creatures that go bump in the night.

With her guardia...

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JANUARY 27, 2023 Silent Order: Wraith Hand By Jonathan Moeller

The galaxy is at war, but secret weapons can change the destiny of empires.

When Jack March steals a sinister mind-control machine from the ruthless Final Consciousness, he needs to get the device to his superiors in the Silent Order.

But the Final Consciousness will burn entire civilizations ...

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JANUARY 27, 2023 Blue Venom (Blue Wolf Book 4) By Brad Magnarella


With his time as the Blue Wolf winding down, Jason knows well the dangers of looking past the next mission. And Legion has just been called to its most challenging one yet.

In a closed kingdom in Southeast Asia, a town of 5,000 people has disappeared from ...

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JANUARY 27, 2023 Quantum Incident By Douglas Phillips

​The long sought Higgs boson has been discovered at the Large Hadron Collider in Geneva. Scientists rejoice in the confirmation of quantum theory, but a reporter attending the press conference believes they may be hiding something.​

JANUARY 27, 2023 Tide and Tempest: A New Adult Dystopian Fantasy By Lindsey Pogue

Forged by fire. Bound by blood. Tortured by fate.

Lightning decimates the land, but the people of Ebonpeak know there are greater threats than tempests and firestorms. Raiders pillage the coastline, destroying everything and leaving none unscathed.

Six years ago, Desolation Day stole everythin...

JANUARY 25, 2023 Fire and Sword: The Sword and Sorcery Series By Dylan Doose

Monsters. Magic. Epic Battles.
The mountains and valleys of Romaria echo with the calamitous sounds of civil war. A New Order challenges old gods and on the festival night of the Pyres, the tides of destruction are fully unleashed. When the great white city of Brasov turns black with ash, when the ...

JANUARY 25, 2023 Necronote: Urban Fantasy with a Twist By Al K. Line


The yearly Necronote arrived. Soph felt sick to his stomach, same as he had for over three centuries. It meant one thing—kill, or be killed.

Birthday's should be a time for celebration, but for Necros they're a nightmare.

In the company of a jit...

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JANUARY 25, 2023 Mart of Darkness: When More Is Not Enough By Phil Granchi

A darkly-comic, dystopian/sci-fi-/thriller mashup. You’ll never look at a superstore the same way again.

“Laugh-out-loud funny and one of the most refreshing novels to come along in years.” – Detroit Free Press, 5-Star review

The CEO of AllMart, the world's largest chain of discount st...

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JANUARY 25, 2023 Bounty Hunter: Rake and Scrape By Rachel Aukes

The wastelands are on the brink of war.

Fifteen years after the Revolution, things are worse than ever.

The wastelands ignite when Far Town takes a stand against the Monuments Republic Command. As the tanks roll in, the people must decide if they are willing to sacrifice everything to take on ...

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For those who like James Rollins, Michael Crichton, and Indiana Jones!

This stand-alone novel, that is also the fourth part of the Ancient Secrets series continues the story of Nepalese secret agent Ashra Shah and the adventurous archeology professor Elliot Brand!

Elliot Brand has vanished!