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AUGUST 27, 2021 Ignite By Daniel Young

A stubborn captain, an angry gunner, an alien trickster, a haughty monster, and a pair of twin assassins. When it comes to motley crews, the Blackout has most starships beat.

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AUGUST 27, 2021 Earth Warden: An Epic Sci Fi Adventure By Tyler Aston

The Wardens are our planet's last line of defence. Powerful warriors, they stand firm against every threat humanity faces.It's more than just a career - it's a sacred calling.
But it comes with a very short life expectancy.

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AUGUST 27, 2021 The Visionary: A Dystopian Sci-Fi By J.C. Gemmell

At the beginning of February 2060, Mount Erebus erupted, the first of a chain of Antarctic volcanoes that forever changed Earth’s future. Within days, sea levels began to rise, until sixty metres of water claimed coastlines worldwide.

Twelve-year-old Xin-yi and her mother fled their home, survi...

AUGUST 25, 2021 Defiance By Jason Krumbine

One hundred years ago they came. We reached out to them with a hand of friendship and they returned the gesture by nearly destroying us all.

AUGUST 25, 2021 Departures By E. J. Wenstrom

[US+UK] Tonight, seventeen-year-old Evalee is scheduled to die.

She's planned her celebration for weeks, and other than leaving her sister Gracelyn behind, she's ready. The Directorate says this is how it should be, and she trusts them, as all its citizens do. So tonight she dresses up, she has a...

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AUGUST 25, 2021 Dragon Rings (The Ring-Witches of Nesht Book 1) By Debi Ennis Binder

Something brings death and devastation to Nesht, then vanishes into the mountains. Ring-Witches Mayra and Wolfe join forces to investigate. How can something destroy villages and kill people yet leave behind riches? A powerful, unseen presence connects with Mayra. When she questions the presence, it...

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AUGUST 23, 2021 The Dream Keeper By A. B. Cohen

It isn't just the memory that haunts him, something sinister lurks within the dream world. Will Daniel's research bring it out?

An EMP means the end of the world as they know it for a family who fights to survive. When disaster strikes in the form of an EMP, Marcus and his family flee to their remote cabin in the mountains.

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AUGUST 23, 2021 The Secret of Giza By Ken Warner

What if humanity didn't start on Earth..? An incredible discovery deep inside the Great Pyramid, a mysterious signal sent from the Bermuda Triangle, and a ruthless experiment taking place in Area 51: How are they all connected?

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AUGUST 20, 2021 After the End By Joshua V. Scher

As a Doomsday prepper, he's ready to survive the apocalypse. But what about the men hunting him?

It turns out Addison was right: the world as he knew it did come to an end by means of a killer virus.

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