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FEBRUARY 16, 2022 The Throne of Ice and Ash By J.D.L. Rosell

A throne in peril. A tragic betrayal. Two heirs struggling to save their land. The prophesied war engulfing the world…

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FEBRUARY 16, 2022 Vengeance Lost: Ardent Redux Saga: Episode 1 By J. L. Stowers

When a star blows up, someone's going to pay.

Humanity has been fighting the alien threat for decades, and the war just ratcheted up a notch. Sent to aid a dreadnaught under siege, Dani Devereaux and the crew of Alaska's Vengeance find themselves caught in a trap.

FEBRUARY 16, 2022 The Girl Who Sees By Dima Zales

I'm an illusionist, not a psychic. Going on TV is supposed to advance my career, but things go wrong. Like vampires and zombies kind of wrong. My name is Sasha Urban, and this is how I learned what I am.

FEBRUARY 14, 2022 The Interstellar Slayer: Space Assassins 1 By Scott Baron

Hozark was a master assassin, one of the finest the galaxy had ever seen. But when a routine contract goes horribly wrong, it becomes clear something sinister is at play. A powerful foe is hunting slayers, and only one weapon can end the bloodshed. A legendary vespus blade.

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FEBRUARY 14, 2022 The Book of Shadow By Bruce Blake

Llyris Fildarae is an outcast tainted by a sliver of magic in a world terrified of the supernatural. Loathed and distrusted, she uses her ability to control a magical Unnamed to survive.

Promo Price: ($2.99) $0.99

When a dying fugitive entrusts Cassy with a forbidden code, she must protect a secret which promises to save humanity - and threatens to get her killed.

FEBRUARY 14, 2022 A Trial of Ice and Blood By Alexander Lound

Eric Christensen never expects a welcome when he returns to the Hunters' Guild - even after long months of monster-hunting.

Though when he is immediately sent on a gruelling mission alongside an inexperienced apprentice, he is less than happy.

Still, it is his responsibility to train her –...

FEBRUARY 14, 2022 Interstellar Islands (Cosmic Ark Book 1) By Scott Boss

When they are found by a team scavenging for supplies, the teenagers don’t believe the claims that they are from the asteroid belt, the last settlement of humans that made it off Earth just before it all went to hell. They don’t believe they live out there on Interstellar Islands with artificial...

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Trinity’s only hope of escape lies in the forest. When she’s hunted from land and sea surrender is her only option, but which enemy should she choose?

A captivating dystopian read filled with human-animal hybrids and creatures you’ve never even imagined.

FEBRUARY 11, 2022 Ygerna: A Pendragon Chronicles Prequel Novel By Ruth Nestvold

Uthyr destroyed her life. Now she wants revenge.

When young Ygerna first meets Uthyr, Pendragon of Britain, she is dazzled by the handsome and famous warrior. But when Uthyr interprets admiration as consent and takes her by force, Ygerna's hero worship turns to hatred.

And she will do anything...

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