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JULY 20, 2020 Exodus (Forgotten Starship Book 1) By M.R. Forbes

Leave Earth or die. Two years of war against vicious alien invaders have put us on the verge of extinction. Our only hope for survival rests inside a massive hangar hidden within the Rocky Mountains. Christened Pioneer, she’s the largest starship ever constructed and the apex of our technological ...

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JULY 20, 2020 On Basilisk Station By David Weber

INTRODUCING HONOR HARRINGTON - Having made him look a fool, she's been exiled to Basilisk Station in disgrace and set up for ruin by a superior who hates her. Her demoralized crew blames her for their ship's humiliating posting to an out-of-the-way picket station. The aborigines of the system's only...

The invaders are gone. Earth is in ruins. The strong prey on the weak. In the wastelands of what’s left, a lone gunslinger delivers his own brand of justice. Some call him lawman. Some call him madman. Some call him vigilante. Some call him killer. Some call him legend.

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If there's a problem in the galaxy no one else can fix, the Shadow Order get a call. A team pulled together because of their individual talents, the Shadow Order have little time for rest as they embark on one dangerous mission after the next, fighting volatile creatures on hostile planets.

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Star Watch defeated the Swarm Invasion Fleet, but at a terrible cost in destroyed star systems, smashed battleships and billions of dead. In the aftermath of the costly victory, chaos threatens as worlds leave the Commonwealth of Planets, face mass starvation or succumb to increased piracy.

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RIGHT WOMAN, WRONG PLACE - It's hard to give peace a chance when the other side regards war as the necessary prelude to conquest, and a sneak attack as the best means to that end. That's why the Kingdom of Manticore needs allies against the so-called ""Republic"" of Haven--and the planet Grayson is ...

JULY 15, 2020 Double Down (The Drift Book 1) By Susan Hayes

When it comes to love, sometimes the best bet is to double down.

Kit and Luke Armas are cyborgs created for one purpose, battle. Now that the war is over, they must fight to carve out a place for themselves in a universe they were intended to die for but never be a part of.

Cargo pilot Zura Wa...

JULY 15, 2020 Black Sheep: A Space Opera Adventure By Rachel Aukes

An alien ship. Stolen colonists. All Throttle wanted was a vacation...Fifteen years into a twenty-year voyage, war veteran Captain Throttle Reyne is looking forward to taking a break from dealing with malfunctions, glitches, and the hassles of monitoring a thousand colonists in cryo-sleep.

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JULY 15, 2020 Annihilation! (Outcast Starship Book 1) By Joshua James

"A fun throwback to pulpy sci-fi of yesteryear!" -Goodreads reviewer. A disgraced captain. An alien invasion. One last shot at redemption. When Eli Bryce stumbles upon a plot to attack Earth, he shrugs it off. He's not in the Earth-saving business. Two decades after he was banished from his homeworl...