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APRIL 22, 2022 Star Lawyers Origins: Trilogy By Tom Shepherd

Can humans develop Faster Than Light technologies and survive in a multi-species galaxy? The Origins trilogy follows humanity on its first steps into the stars, beginning with alien abduction in the 21st century.

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With a vision of a world free from war, one man and a cat set out to make their fortune.

The most lucrative? Trading in tech of the ancients. If he can find it. If he can determine its value. If he can bring the tech to willing buyers.

But then everything changes. It becomes bigger than Brad...

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APRIL 13, 2022 Heir to the Crown Box Set 1: Books: 1, 2, & 2.5 By Paul J Bennett

It all begins with Gerald, an old warrior too stubborn to die.

After tragedy tears his world apart, he serves as a soldier for years, until a single act of self-sacrifice cuts him off from all he knows.

Seeking a new purpose, a fateful meeting with another lost soul unmasks a shocking secret, ...

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Max is enjoying a spring break all to himself, but then a cosmic mishap throws him into a nutty adventure with a talking cat. They explore new worlds and get entangled in a conflict.

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MARCH 28, 2022 Ascension Wars: The Complete Series By Jasper T. Scott

The Forerunners set out from Earth to colonize neighboring star systems
And to search for intelligent life...

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A desperate chase leads 3 teens to another universe where an empire stands on the brink, destinies will be forged, friends and lovers face betrayal, the fire of war grows, and an ancient force rises.

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Dagger. Staff. Sword. Bow. Shield. Spear. Cloak.

An epic quest to find the seven weapons of Madria before the forces of Ishari plunge all of Dalriya into darkness. Over 1500 pages of epic fantasy; one complete storyline.

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Ancient pyramids exist on a Jupiter moon…
and a prophesy foretells the extinction of humanity.

We are not alone in the galaxy. But who are they?

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Imagine a world filled with human-animal hybrids.
They're stronger than us. Faster. More deadly and hungry. Always hungry.

Now, step inside the laboratory and witness their creation.
Created as weapons. Designed to obey.
No one expected them to want revenge.

This is Mutter's story.

For t...

"An epic tale…"—Library Journal

A thrilling fantasy box set! Read the first three books in the series reviewers are calling, "Gritty, fast-paced, and compelling!"


A shadow of its former self, once powerful Brynth is now a realm destroyed by plague, famine, and monstrous b...

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