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The Bestselling, Epic Post Apocalyptic Adventure, The Last Survivors - The complete series of 6 books, in one box set. Over 1,700 pages of reading! Survival in Man’s Second Dark Age Three hundred years after the fall of society, the last fragments of civilization are clinging to life, living in t...

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Doma House Publishing presents to you this Edgar Rice Burroughs Collection, which has been designed and formatted specifically for your Amazon Kindle.
This edition covers everything including his Tarzan and John Carter novels. Also, you can easily navigate through chapters using the linked Table o...

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***ON SALE FOR A LIMITED TIME*** The world has changed. It’s dangerous, deadly. Inhuman creatures rule the planet. Animals have mutated. The land is hostile. But it’s all I’ve ever known. Hunger. Fear. Panic. Those emotions are my reality. They are my every day. I am Avery, and I am seventeen....

If there's a problem in the galaxy no one else can fix, the Shadow Order get a call. A team pulled together because of their individual talents, the Shadow Order have little time for rest as they embark on one dangerous mission after the next, fighting volatile creatures on hostile planets.

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FOR A FEW DAYS ONLY, THE OUTAGE COMPLETE SERIES IS ON SALE FOR $0.99! ABOUT OUTAGE: When an early snow ravages the small town of Plainfield, the residents are stripped of heat, power, and mobility. They'll soon wish they had protection. Somewhere outside, something else is lurking. Waiting for the c...

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If you love Guardians of the Galaxy, Star Wars, Captain Marvel, or other fun-filled and action-packed sci-fi, you'll love this series. And if you don't love those things, please leave this website and pretend we never met.

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JULY 10, 2020 The Big Book of the Masters of Horror By Cynthia Asquith

This book has like, over 1000 shorts from some of the founders of horror. It's a bit "old-timey", so be ready for stories about phantoms and sh*t. But seriously, if you're a horror fan, or a completist, or just looking for some new authors to discover, you can't beat this book.

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Technothriller! I gotta be honest. I never really understood what a "technothriller" was. But it doesn't matter because this series is for real. Three books. Highly rated. Free. Technothriller. Download it before the sale is over.

300,000+ copies sold. 2000+ reviews. 2500+ pages. Get all seven books of the bestselling War Eternal series for one low price for a limited time .They are coming. Find the Goliath or be destroyed. The chilling words are the first thing Mitchell hears after an assassin’s bullet nearly ends his life...

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