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The bunkers were built for the apocalypse. Just not the one they expected.

Life was bad and getting worse in the depths of Salvation. It did not take the people of Level Three long to realise that the only reason they had been spared from the cataclysm was to become a slave class.

Now, a singl...

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MAY 01, 2023 Portals (Into The Galaxy Book 1) By Ann Christy

The world sees the portals as an invasion. For Lysa, they're an invitation.

The portals appeared without warning. Every thirteen minutes they take a thousand humans, leaving exact duplicates in their place. Now, chaos reigns and no one is sure anyone is still the person they knew. Whoever is send...

There is a company that provides a deeply sinister service for shady clients: subconscious torture for political or corporate manipulation. Vangelis Zervas is an agent of Vathos and does his job with zero qualms. But when a young boy is killed over a highly coveted piece of software that may have be...

APRIL 26, 2023 Submerged By Emerald Baynton

[US Sale] The human race is in trouble again...

Crewmates Charlie, Theodore, Callum, Ria, and Jamal never imagined the fate of the world would be resting on their shoulders, but when humanity is reaching the final apocalypse that cannot be defeated, starvation, the duty falls to them.

All expe...

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APRIL 24, 2023 The Badlands Bounty: Wolfsbane book 1 a sci-fi tale By Robert D. Armstrong

The thrill of the hunt...

Sniffing out the galaxy's most hardened criminals was Harcan's calling card. The Wolfman was a legend, a genetically engineered bounty hunter that had seen it all - slavers, smugglers, and murderers.
But the Badlands Bounty would prove to be a different beast entirely. ...

Many lives are in imminent danger, but a mysterious entity has the power to change everything.

Life is a breeze for Andreas, a simple man, and the captain of a ferry in one of Norway’s tourist-packed fjords. But things are not as perfect as they may seem.

When Andreas begins to receive messa...

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APRIL 19, 2023 The Ark By Christopher Coates

The Earth as we know it is about to end.

Technology has developed to the point where a person can be placed in a Sleep State: a cross between suspended animation and a drug-induced coma.

Just as the trial of the new technology is being completed, an unusual comet is discovered approaching Eart...

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APRIL 19, 2023 Emergency Broadcast By Boris Bacic

"Lock your doors, cover your windows, and avoid making noise. Do not, for any reason, go outside."

When James witnesses a brutal killing outside his home, he must choose between seeking help or waiting for rescue in a city overrun by the infected.

Trapped in his lab as the city descends into c...

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APRIL 17, 2023 Feral Agent: Calm Act Feral America By Ginger Booth

Like a honeymoon. With guns.

Flunked out of the Army. Reunited with her erratic boyfriend Cade.

Ava Panic sets forth on her new career as a secret agent. She joined the company – the so-called ‘death angels’ – to be with Cade. He claims the job is orgasmic. Great food. Lots of fun. Fre...

APRIL 07, 2023 Trapped In Tranquility By Brody Coy

George has finally saved up enough money for an emotion adjustment from Brainexx, a company on the forefront of mental health technology, and he couldn’t be more excited. He has always struggled with mental health, but with a Brainexx chip installation, his depression, fear, anger, and anxiety can...

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