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JANUARY 22, 2024 Earth Warden: An Epic Sci Fi Adventure By Tyler Aston

The Wardens are our planet's last line of defence. Powerful warriors, they stand firm against every threat humanity faces.It's more than just a career - it's a sacred calling.
But it comes with a very short life expectancy.

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JANUARY 19, 2024 The Great Ooflan From Corplop By Charlie D. Weisman

Charlando is sent to Earth as a baby to escape the clutches of a secret society of cannibalistic Ooflan on his home planet of Corplop. During his long years of isolation with nothing but his spaceship to talk to, he develops a fascination with love and romance. His belief that his soulmate awaits hi...

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JANUARY 17, 2024 Sandstorm: A Dystopian Science Fiction Story By T.W. Piperbrook

Something is hunting the inhabitants of Ravar

For three generations, the colonists on Ravar have been stranded on a harsh planet, forced to survive in a desert environment where only the scrappiest animals and the heartiest plants survive. Most live without the foolish hope that Earth's supply sh...

JANUARY 15, 2024 The Badlands Bounty: Wolfsbane Book 1 By Robert D. Armstrong

[US Sale] The thrill of the hunt...

Sniffing out the galaxy's most hardened criminals was Harcan's calling card. The Wolfman was a legend, a genetically engineered bounty hunter that had seen it all - slavers, smugglers, and murderers.
But the Badlands Bounty would prove to be a different beast ...

JANUARY 10, 2024 Revolution's Light (The Last Revolution Book 1) By Armond J. Boudreaux

A retired Marine. A child born with abilities. Only she can protect him.
In the near future, every new child must be approved and birthed from artificial wombs. This medical miracle is sold as a health benefit to humankind, but the truth is darker…

They’re in place to keep the birth of telep...

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"A thoroughly entertaining adventure with imaginative action and an appealing hero.” - Kirkus Reviews (starred)

"A deeply addictive read." - SPR editorial review

“Taylor melds original worldbuilding, dramatic flair and a lively, down-to-earth storytelling style, bringing 2094 Earth to vivi...

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JANUARY 08, 2024 The Paths Between Worlds (This Alien Earth Book 1) By Paul Antony Jones

Welcome Children of Earth. Do not be afraid.

After a devastating car crash leaves her addicted to pills and her best friend dead, Meredith Gale has finally been pushed to her breaking point. Ending her life seems like the only way out, and that choice has left her dangling by her fingertips from...

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JANUARY 08, 2024 Wool: Book One of the Silo Series By Hugh Howey

The first book in the acclaimed, New York Times best-selling trilogy, Wool is the story of mankind clawing for survival. The world outside has grown toxic, the view of it limited, talk of it forbidden. The remnants of humanity live underground in a single silo.

But there are always those who hope...

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JANUARY 08, 2024 Futureproof: A Novel By Stephen Albrecht

Joe Watson is in command of his future … until the ex-brain takes control. This AI thriller provides a glimpse of our world to come with shocking twists and turns, and a view of what it means to be human in the age of AI. Kirkus Reviews calls it a “a shuddery, slow-burn, speculative thriller.�...

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Tragedy had reduced James to a nobody. Washed up and homeless in NYC, he thought his life was over.

Then a message appeared in his vision:

60,000 year countdown has ended
Nemesis 1 released
Please acknowledge
As the world falls apart, as billions die, as society collapses and all hope seems...

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