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MAY 20, 2020 Dark Space: The Complete Series By Jasper T. Scott

FROM MILLION-COPY BESTSELLING AUTHOR JASPER T. SCOTT - Dark Space: The Complete Series, 6 books, over 600,000 copies sold, 12,000+ Reviews on Amazon, and 4.4/5 Stars average rating. For a limited time, enjoy over 2000 pages of this epic space opera for one low price.

Promo Price: ($6.99) $0.99

They grew up in the slums…and learned to kill to survive. Is joining Earth’s military their way out? In a world depleted by the corporations that run it, the military has one job, protect the ruling class. The gangs run the slums. The military controls the colonies. When the resources are deplet...

Price: $5.99
MAY 20, 2020 Sentenced to Troll Compendium: Books 1-3 By S.L. Rowland

Big, green, and ugly. Who says a troll can’t be the hero? Punished for his toxic online behavior, Chad faces a thirty-day sentence of full-immersion therapy designed to improve his anger issues. For his endless trolling in real life, he's forced to play as a forest troll, the most hated race in Is...

Price: $9.99

Nolan Garrett is Cerberus. A government assassin, tasked with fixing the galaxy's darkest, ugliest problems with a bullet to the brain. Armed with cutting-edge weapons and an AI-run cybernetic suit that controls his paralyzed legs, he is the fist in the shadows, the dagger to the heart of the Nyzari...

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For centuries they served. In gratitude we freed them. With vengeance they betrayed us. When she's kidnapped by the Blessed Engineers, Arla discovers she's been living a lie. She wasn't a farmer's daughter, but merely cargo transported in the carved out heart of an asteroid: the Arkship Dawn on a th...

Price: $6.99

A Classic story! In the sense that, that time I crashed my car into the back of a manure truck because I was high on bath salts was a classic story. Also, the money for buying it goes towards a criminal cult who will likely use it to bully reporters and make more Tom Cruise movies, which is bad, but...

Price: $0.99

I know we belong together. The world as we know it is over. My law degree: useless. My eye for fashion: wasted. But I can still tell when a man wants me. Roan Winters is gorgeous, haunted, and perfect for me... if only he'd admit it.

MAY 20, 2020 Undead Ultra By Camille Picott

It’s life or death…and two hundred miles to run. Can she survive the zombies and save her son? When the virus hits, nobody is prepared. Society collapses and Kate’s son doesn’t have a way out of his dorm. She has to go get him, but the roads aren’t safe, and the government has blockades. E...

Price: $3.99
MAY 20, 2020 Contact Front (Drop Trooper Book 1) By Rick Partlow

Go to war or go to jail.

For small-time street hustler Cam Alvarez, the choice is simple. He has no family, no friends, no place in the world…nothing to lose. When his latest con results in the death of a cartel hitman, Cam opts to join the Marines and leave Earth to fight a vicious alien ene...

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The Sequel Series to the Best-Selling Last Survivors Series - The Complete Series of Ruins Books, in one box set. Over 1,100 pages of reading, plus a BONUS NOVELLA The Ruins 2.5! Danger Lurks In The Ruins
- Three survivors travel the ruins of a collapsed society, sifting through the rusted relics...

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