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JULY 10, 2020 Daisy's Run: The Clockwork Chimera Book 1 By Scott Baron

Rudely yanked from cryo-sleep to find herself among a crew of modded humans in deep space, and on a burning spaceship, no less, Daisy's world just got a whole lot more complicated. And it was only going to get worse.

JULY 10, 2020 Final Days By Jasper T. Scott

The countdown to the end of the world has begun. A mysterious convergence of natural disasters threatens to destroy life as we know it, and people across the United States are going missing. With no one left to investigate, Special Agent Kendra Baker takes the case, trying to solve the disappearance...

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JULY 10, 2020 Hell Divers (The Hell Divers Series Book 1) By Nicholas Sansbury Smith

*Series wide sale for a limited time!* More than two centuries after World War III poisoned the planet, the final bastion of humanity lives on massive airships circling the globe in search of a habitable area to call home. Aging and outdated, most of the ships plummeted back to earth long ago. The o...

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Technothriller! I gotta be honest. I never really understood what a "technothriller" was. But it doesn't matter because this series is for real. Three books. Highly rated. Free. Technothriller. Download it before the sale is over.

JULY 02, 2020 Dark Fate: Book 2 - The First Night By Stuart Grosse

The System has come online, and, with it, the world has been changed forever. Zayn Greene, using the knowledge he gained from his former life as the Black Knight, a hero who slayed the Demon Lord, has become a demon himself in this new world, hoping to break the chains of fate that bound him in his ...

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JULY 02, 2020 Kinetic Strike (Drop Trooper Book 2) By Rick Partlow

The war made him a hero. Now the Marines need him to be a leader. Cam Alvarez is a Drop-Trooper. A warrior-knight wrapped in the futuristic armor of a high-tech battlesuit, and he’s one of the best. When he’s promoted to sergeant and asked to become a leader, he faces a whole new challenge. T...

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JULY 02, 2020 The Back Door Man By Dave Buschi

All credit cards have stopped working. Today. This morning. What cash you have in your wallet is it. ATMs and bank systems are down. You can’t get gas, groceries. Commerce has essentially come to a halt.

We see it through the eyes of James Kolinsky, a simple family man who works in information...

JULY 02, 2020 Earth - Last Sanctuary (Definitive Edition) By Christian Kallias

Earth. Our Last Sanctuary. The Last Beacon of Hope Against the Rising Darkness. The Obsidian Empire has shattered the Star Alliance. Lieutenant Chase Athanatos manages to escape their wrath, piloting his fighter to lead a band of survivors to the edge of the galaxy…to a little planet called Earth.

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Ben will encounter an enemy with no moral compass, and an unrelenting fire that threatens to burn his home, and his family, to ash. When an EMP sends the small mountain town of Bear Ridge into darkness, Firefighter Lieutenant Ben Riker must hike to the city of Asheville to rescue his two young sons....

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Kickass sci-fi heroine versus deadly aliens. Growing up as a Martian on Earth has left Jas Harrington solitary, quick-tempered, and with zero tolerance for fools. All plus points when working as chief security officer aboard prospecting starships.