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AUGUST 16, 2021 Neighborhood Watch: After the EMP By EE Isherwood

One second was all it took to erase Frank's dreams.
New home. New car. New retirement.
Stolen by the EMP.

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AUGUST 16, 2021 Witchmarked By Aaron D. Schneider

It is 1936 and the Great War still rages on, with no armistice in 1918 when the Russian Empire crumbled in the fire and blood of stillborn revolution.

The hellish no man's land has spread like a blight over Europe as grim, unyielding leaders promise a resolve of iron and no mercy, no peace, no ho...

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AUGUST 13, 2021 Journey Home By Paul Haedo

The Terrani Republic and the Eranian Kingdom have been at war for over a century. When the Terrani Republic lost this war, they had no choice but to evacuate their worlds, leaving everything that they once knew behind. They fled in a massive fleet, with the Eranians in direct pursuit.

AUGUST 13, 2021 Mars Colony Chronicles (Books 1 - 5) By Brandon Ellis

Ozzy Mack went to Mars to make money. The newly discovered ancient ruins were a gold mine for the black-market archeologist. When aliens invade, wiping out all life on earth, Mars becomes the last bastion of humanity. The plague the aliens used on Earth is coming to Mars…

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AUGUST 13, 2021 Frontier's Reach: A Space Opera Adventure By Robert C. James

What secrets lay beyond the Reach? Only a down on his luck war veteran aboard a broken-down old cargo ship has the courage to find out...

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AUGUST 11, 2021 Orson: The Lucid Chronicles By David J Pearson

In a world of dwindling natural resources and looming Mega Corporations. Orson Blake, a miner, a single payroll number amongst billions wins the relocation lottery. A one way ticket to the simulated off world paradise that is the Jupiter Eclipse. Living out the rest of his days with the rich and fam...

AUGUST 11, 2021 Blood and Steel By Josh Hayes

Boasted to be everything Earth wasn't - clean, unsullied, safe - Lander learns upon arrival that Tranquility is anything but. New Independence has gone dark and it soon becomes clear that he will have to fight a terrifying enemy to save their new home, forcing him back into the very life he'd though...

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AUGUST 11, 2021 The Mongrel By Walt Robillard

Beyond the Outer Boundary of the Core Worlds lies the Frontier. Colonists looking for a life outside the corporate choked governments, cross the border seeking new opportunities, trading security for freedom.

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AUGUST 09, 2021 Guardian Awakening (Guardian Planetary AI Book 1) By C. Osborne Rapley

Following an unsuccessful and debilitating experiment by the Navy, Tristan Taylor's now reclusive and desolate life takes a shocking turn with the arrival of an alien warrior whose ship has crash-landed behind his isolated cottage.

AUGUST 09, 2021 Jingle Stars By Jenny Schwartz

The campaign for AIs to be recognized as full citizens of Galaxy Proper is within reach of its extraordinary goal. The only thing that could stop it now is if an AI did something foolish…like take a space station hostage to save eight orphaned children.

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