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Cursed from birth. Forced into slavery. It's time to fight back.

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APRIL 25, 2022 Faerie Rising: The First Book of Binding By A. E. Lowan

Winter Mulcahy is the last wizard in the city of Seahaven, WA and all that stands between the fractious preternatural population and total chaos. Holding the city together by the skin of her teeth, the blood of her friends, and an addiction to stimulants that is slowly killing her, the young wizard ...

APRIL 25, 2022 Deep Space Boogie By Scott Baron

When it hits the fan you call in the best. Unfortunately for planet Earth, the best were busy.

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APRIL 22, 2022 Elf's Bane (Elvenshore Series Book 3) By Clark Graham

The Elves living on the Far Shore settled on the side of a mystical mountain and awakened an ancient evil. Now the Elves are under attack and are fighting for their very survival against a powerful monsters. With their whole world falling apart, the elves turn to their old enemy for help. The dwarve...

APRIL 22, 2022 Star Lawyers Origins: Trilogy By Tom Shepherd

Can humans develop Faster Than Light technologies and survive in a multi-species galaxy? The Origins trilogy follows humanity on its first steps into the stars, beginning with alien abduction in the 21st century.

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APRIL 22, 2022 WhiteSpace: Season One By Sean Platt

The Puget Sound bedroom community has it all -- beautiful homes with white picket fences, a thriving tech sector, and one of the best school systems in the state.
But not everything is as it seems.
People on the island go missing all the time.
Its residents are being watched.
And controlled.

His conquest was for his ancestors. His glory was within grasp. His failure has left all of his companions dead.

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APRIL 22, 2022 Fate of the Stars By Arwen Paris

An Alliance of alien species has decreed that all life on Earth must be wiped out to stop the spread of an infectious plague of creatures. Eenoki is a protector of life, but requires a sentient host to fight the invasion. A teenage girl isn’t the best choice, but out of desperation Eenoki invades ...

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APRIL 20, 2022 These Shattered Stars: A Sci-fi Romance Novel By Melisa S. Ramonda

A powerful, lonely young woman.
A genetically-engineered soldier in chains.
A deal too good to be true.
A slow-burn, action-packed and spice-loaded scifi romance to die for!

Meet Circe and Michael, two opposites that will inevitably attract due to her bonkers idea of being a mother. She's an ...

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APRIL 20, 2022 The Traveler By Deborah Dugan

Humans believe First Contact would happen by extraterrestrials coming to Earth, or by humans going into space.

But… what if they’re wrong?