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APRIL 29, 2022 Earth's Last Gambit: The Complete Series: By Felix. R. Savage

Bearing Earth's hopes for deliverance from the alien threat, Jack Kildare and his fellow astronauts successfully complete the long journey to Jupiter. But someone on board is trying to sabotage the mission. As they approach the mysterious alien spaceship orbiting Europa, the crew fractures into riva...

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APRIL 29, 2022 Along the Razor's Edge By Rob J. Hayes

The war is over. Sixteen-year-old Eskara Helsene was a Sourcerer, a weapon for her empire. But she fought on the wrong side.

Now she is a prisoner serving out a life sentence in the mines of the Pit, where there are worse things than thieves and murderers in the darkness. Nightmarish demons from...

APRIL 29, 2022 The Mendel Paradox By Nick Thacker

A company in Switzerland has been working to make the future of medicine and surgery a present-day reality. Their successes have been stacking up for over a decade, and their next project promises great things.

Until things start to go awry.

Animal experimentation has never been an easy path...

APRIL 27, 2022 The Final Dawn By T.W.M. Ashford

The sun is dying, and it’s taking the Earth down with it.

Jack Bishop needs a pair of tickets aboard one of the Arks – colossal lifeboats destined to shepherd humanity to the stars. Desperate to save his wife, he signs up for a dangerous wormhole experiment… but something goes catastrophica...

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APRIL 27, 2022 Ygerna: A Pendragon Chronicles Prequel Novel By Ruth Nestvold

Uthyr destroyed her life. Now she wants revenge.

When young Ygerna first meets Uthyr, Pendragon of Britain, she is dazzled by the handsome and famous warrior. But when Uthyr interprets admiration as consent and takes her by force, Ygerna's hero worship turns to hatred.

And she will do anything...

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From the ashes of a dying world, a god will rise.

As an out of shape nerd, Gabriel Rivera had more pressing issues than outlandish things like godhood: Evacuating the city, joining the military, and protecting his family. Simple right?

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APRIL 27, 2022 ARMS War for Eden By Stephen Arseneault

After training for and fighting a war their entire lives, Harris Gruberg and Tawnish Freely find themselves expelled from the military when a truce is declared between the two Human factions. They struggle to find work among a civilian population who fears them. Running guns to the outer colonies tu...

APRIL 27, 2022 A Dagger in the Winds By Brendan Noble

An outcast cursed since birth. A witch chosen by a goddess. Torn apart by fate, together, can they save their tribe from eternal winter?

Surviving the Super Summer flu’s un-deadly aftermath is only the beginning! A few survive: the unlucky ones, the immune, and those relishing a life of lawlessness. Experience the End Times through their eyes as they struggle to outwit the evil holding Earth hostage. With hope as their last weapon ...

[US sale] When ordinary life transforms into a fight for survival, can a young woman keep the chaos from pulling her under?

Go-getting twenty-six-year-old investigative journalist Cassandra Drews just wants her miserable day to end. And desperate to put her breakup behind her, she agrees to one l...