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DECEMBER 20, 2021 Do Not Go Gentle Book One: Discovery By Mark Millstorm

You just discovered that in ten years the Earth is going to be ejected from the solar system by a passing black hole. What do you do?

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DECEMBER 20, 2021 Allies and Enemies: Fallen By Amy J. Murphy

Born into service of the Regime, Commander Sela Tyron is about as subtle as a hammer. To hammers, any problem can look like a nail, but things aren't always that easy. When Sela is abandoned with her team on a planet full of insurrectionists, things get complicated.

A daredevil rescue by her comm...

DECEMBER 20, 2021 Knights, Witches, and Murder By R.M. Schultz

In a land where the wolf wind and mists roam like ghosts, the conflicted son of a witch was knighted by the king. Knighted to repay a debt to his father.

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DECEMBER 17, 2021 Thinblade By David A. Wells

The air stilled. The room fell silent. A shockwave passed through them. Everyone froze, faces white with fear. The ancient evil had awakened…When Alexander loses his brother to an assassin’s arrow, he learns that his family protects an ancient secret and reluctantly finds himself at the center o...

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DECEMBER 17, 2021 Rocket Repo: A humorous space opera By C.P. James

Years ago, former henchman Geddy Starheart inhaled an ancient alien named Eli who's lived rent-free in his head ever since. Together, they built the only ship capable of bringing Eli home. But on the eve of their departure, it disappears. Their quest to find it exposes a conspiracy to destroy all in...

When a visiting alien museum curator mistakes Bernie for a welcoming peer, he is thrown into the role of tour guide. Bernie reluctantly finds himself caught up in plots involving nefarious Earth Culture extremists, brawling gangs of physicists, greedy station officials and mysterious galactic powers...

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DECEMBER 17, 2021 Heretic: A Military Archaeological Space Adventure By Craig Martelle

Tigers, wolves, gorillas, and bears. Four planets at each other’s throats. But they have too much in common for it to be a fluke. Just mentioning the possibility that they descended from the same place gets one labeled as a Heretic.

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Fated to destroy the world. Determined to save it.

My name is Xal and I live in the dims, a walled prison where my people are kept by our cruel masters, until we are needed to fight once more. One member of every family must answer The Call, for our blood bears the magic of a demonic god, and al...

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DECEMBER 15, 2021 Last Stand of the Legion: Rift By Rod Carstens

The aliens are coming to wipe humanity off the cosmic map, and Sand must put together the band of men and women who will keep them at bay. To do that he must fight the military and civilian bureaucracy to pull together a rag tag group of soldiers to form an elite fighting unit capable of this almost...

Frustrated by restrictive rules, maverick warship commander, Dalton Reeves, has crossed the line one time too many. Disciplined for violating orders, Reeves is packed off to "The Abyss" - a dangerous and isolated space city named Concord Station, and officially the worst assignment in the galaxy.

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