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MAY 08, 2023 The Hole In the World By J.D. Robinson

Klem Antrim would go to the ends of the Earth to see his father alive again—but he’ll have to travel much farther than that.

Klem’s life in picturesque Sea Scarp has just taken a turn for the worse. The car crash that killed his father knocked Klem straight out of reality, and since that da...

MAY 05, 2023 Bad Luck Charlie: The Dragon Mage Book 1 By Scott Baron

Charlie had all the luck. Unfortunately, it wasn’t the good kind. It was looking like Lady Luck had quite a grudge against him. In fact, at this point merely crashing the multi-billion-dollar spacecraft would have felt like winning the lottery compared to his current dilemma. If only he were so lu...

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MAY 05, 2023 Shattered Earth By Jenny Schwartz

The scum of the galaxy are using Earth as a nuclear winter death camp. It outrages pirate captain Kohia Jekyll’s sense of justice. No one deserves to die agonizingly of radiation poisoning, especially not on the planet humanity had to evacuate seven generations ago. So Kohia intends to close the p...

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MAY 01, 2023 Portals (Into The Galaxy Book 1) By Ann Christy

The world sees the portals as an invasion. For Lysa, they're an invitation.

The portals appeared without warning. Every thirteen minutes they take a thousand humans, leaving exact duplicates in their place. Now, chaos reigns and no one is sure anyone is still the person they knew. Whoever is send...

MAY 01, 2023 Shockwave (Star Kingdom Book 1) By Lindsay Buroker

Forced to flee the work he loves and the only home he’s ever known, Casmir catches the first ship into space, where he hopes to buy time to figure out who wants him dead and why. If he can’t, he’ll never be able to return home.But he soon finds himself entangled with bounty hunters, mercenarie...

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APRIL 28, 2023 Into the Stars (Rise of the Republic Book 1) By James Rosone

The stars are within mankind’s reach. But what awaits in the void may end humanity.
A deep space reconnaissance probe discovers a new Earth-like planet twelve light-years from Earth’s sun. The probe also finds something unusual, something…unnerving. A new mission is created, a space fleet is ...

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APRIL 24, 2023 Scourge: A Military Sci-Fi Series By Devon C. Ford

A simple distress beacon. A mining colony in the outer reaches.

Supposedly another routine deployment for Mike Barton of the Combined States Marine Corps, but what they find on the surface is unlike anything anyone had ever encountered.

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Years ago, former henchman Geddy Starheart inhaled an ancient alien named Eli who's lived rent-free in his head ever since. Together, they built the only ship capable of bringing Eli home. But on the eve of their departure, it disappears. Their quest to find it exposes a conspiracy to destroy all in...

MARCH 29, 2023 Forever Enemy (Honor in Exile Book 3) By SD King

[US + UK] Captain Masters and the crew of the Honor continue to take the fight to the Nazuc, but disturbing links to Earth are throwing up more questions than answers.

Even with new allies, the odds may be too great to stop what has begun...

Forever Enemy is the third book in the Honor in Exil...

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MARCH 29, 2023 The Last Reaper: A Military Scifi Epic By J.N. Chaney

[US + CA] When a high value scientist is taken hostage inside the galaxy's most dangerous prison, Halek Cain is the only man for the job.

The last remaining survivor of the Reaper program, Hal is an unstoppable force of fuel and madness. A veteran amputee-turned-cyborg, he has a history of violen...

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