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JANUARY 17, 2022 Ambassador 1: Seeing Red By Patty Jansen

A science fiction thriller with alien political scheming and the occasional gun fight. In Coldi society, you get killed for looking the leader in the eye. Try accusing him of murder.

JANUARY 07, 2022 The Lost Starship: Books 1-3 Complete Saga By Joshua James

Save the cure. Kill the crew.

That was the dying order of the captain of the starship Elixr. The ship followed the order. Then it lost its mind.

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The AI is the property of Heartbridge, a powerful, interplanetary corporation, and they want their latest weapon back. With a private army, gangs, and pirates all vying for the precious cargo Andy carries, it's going to take everything Andy has to keep his ship flying, his kids safe, and get Lyssa t...

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DECEMBER 22, 2021 Al Clark By Jonathan G. Meyer

A thousand specially selected people leave a troubled Earth for a new start on a virgin world many years away. Their starship is state-of-the-art and entirely automatic; its passengers safely sleeping through the long journey.

DECEMBER 20, 2021 Nibblenom Deathtrap: a Max and the Multiverse short By Zachry Wheeler

[SHORT] Max shifts between parallel universes whenever he falls asleep. A curious affliction, especially for a nerdy teen trapped on a spooky spaceship.

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When a visiting alien museum curator mistakes Bernie for a welcoming peer, he is thrown into the role of tour guide. Bernie reluctantly finds himself caught up in plots involving nefarious Earth Culture extremists, brawling gangs of physicists, greedy station officials and mysterious galactic powers...

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DECEMBER 17, 2021 Rocket Repo: A humorous space opera By C.P. James

Years ago, former henchman Geddy Starheart inhaled an ancient alien named Eli who's lived rent-free in his head ever since. Together, they built the only ship capable of bringing Eli home. But on the eve of their departure, it disappears. Their quest to find it exposes a conspiracy to destroy all in...

DECEMBER 15, 2021 The Invasion By Jonathan Yanez

Fight for your freedom. Fight for your planet. Fight for your life. What should have been a relaxing hunting trip for Sergeant AJ Cole, his kid brother Remmy and two Marines from his unit turns into an all-out brawl with enemies from another planet.

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DECEMBER 06, 2021 The Void War By D. J. Holmes

It’s the year 2465, two hundred years since the stars were opened to humanity by the invention of the shift drive. So began the First Interstellar Expansion Era, catapulting humanity into a deadly race for the limited resources of navigable space.

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DECEMBER 03, 2021 Crystalline Space: A Space Fantasy Adventure By A.K. DuBoff

"Do-overs" are possible. Elle awakens on a spaceship. Her body is different, she has new magical abilities, and she’s told her civilization's fate is in her hands. A mysterious Darkness has infected the crystalline network connecting the settled works. The unique properties of the crystals allow r...