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DECEMBER 01, 2021 Leech By Ellie Douglas

[NOVELLA] Something is hiding onboard and is taking the crew members out, one by one.

Will John make it home to see his wife and child? Can he save his remaining crew?

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NOVEMBER 26, 2021 Melody: A First Contact Techno-Thriller By David Hoffer

A melody from the stars can save humanity, but only if Stephen can awaken the alien within…
Childhood therapy cured Stephen Fisher of disturbing visions and the delusion of having come from another world. But when his daughter obsesses over a star in the night sky, he fears that his genetic legac...

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NOVEMBER 26, 2021 UNASS - A Situation Normal Series By Chris Lowry

The aliens hit the big cities first. DC. Miami. Houston. Los Angeles.

Single ships sent as Forward Operations. The US rallied to fight back.

It was a death trap. Like bringing a slingshot to a gun fight.

One journalist was just supposed to take pictures.

But when he's given a rifle i...

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NOVEMBER 22, 2021 Acheron Inheritance By Ken Lozito

On a dying world along the galactic fringe, Quinton Aldren awakens in the body of an archaic android that’s barely operational. He has only vague memories of who he was and no idea what has happened. Everyone is gone and autonomous mechs are hunting for him.

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NOVEMBER 22, 2021 Breaker Marine By James David Victor

As a reaker, she was destined to live a hard life serving the whims of galactic corporations. As an Earth Alliance Marine, she has a chance to change the balance of power in the galaxy.

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NOVEMBER 19, 2021 Saving Mars (Saving Mars Series Book 1) By Cidney Swanson

Some pilots follow orders. Others just wing it. Grounded for her Top Gun attitude, a Mars colony pilot jumps at the chance to fly a covert mission to off-limits Earth and save her world from starvation. On Earth, the Chancellor keeps a dystopian peace through a competitive consciousness-transfer pro...

NOVEMBER 19, 2021 RESCUE! (Humanity Found Book 1) By P A Wilson

On the edge of space and at the brink of extinction, humanity’s fate rests in the hands of one rookie officer.

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NOVEMBER 17, 2021 Fire Storm (The Fire Planets Saga Book 2) By Chris Ward

Intergalactic war is coming...

On the run from deadly mercenaries in the outer reaches of Trill System, Lianetta Jansen and her ragtag crew come across a distress signal from a stricken freighter. On investigation, they are drawn into a trap that will send them spiraling across the galaxy, battli...

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NOVEMBER 15, 2021 Kari: The Hunt By Justin Sloan

Tommy is just another guy working for a hedge fund, when the richest person in history invites him and his boss on an alien safari. Massive guns, giant alien monsters, and big egos. What could possibly go wrong?

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NOVEMBER 12, 2021 Superdreadnought 2 By CH Gideon

The crew of the superdreadnought deploys on foot to win the hearts and minds of the native populations. The Grindlovians and the Telluride. Two races. One destiny.

And an interloper who is making everyone take notice.