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NOVEMBER 08, 2021 Edge Of The Future By Andria Stone

“He wasn’t human. You’ve discovered the existence of a new enemy combatant, Captain. Since you saw him-he saw you.”

150 years after the last war, humanity has united in exploring space with colonies on Mars and the moon Luna. But the Europa Mission has just failed and 152 people died in ...

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NOVEMBER 05, 2021 Blackbird and the Dark Side of the Moon By Jo-Anne Tomlinson

Every fifty years it wakes. Every fifty years it feeds...
Sal and Morgan could make a tidy profit from this trip, but first they’ll need to escape the dark side of the moon alive.

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NOVEMBER 03, 2021 Transition By Vered Ehsani

While the world crumbles under the fear of an approaching extraterrestrial armada, Trisha reluctantly plays host to a soldier, a thief, and an explosive secret. Things are getting dangerous, and that’s before the aliens land.

NOVEMBER 01, 2021 Wings of Battle By SJ Schauer

The accidental destruction of one starship changed billions of lives, igniting a brutal galactic war. When the ongoing battles claim the lives of Blazer Vaughnt’s parents, it sets him on a path of vengeance.

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NOVEMBER 01, 2021 Horizon Protocol By Brandon Ellis

A massive disc hovers near Fort Hood Army Base…
Eight people are dead…
Will a shocking discovery enslave humanity forever?

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In the aftermath of the pandemic, humanity is on the cusp of extinction as the mutant undead sweep throughout the world. The deadly virus has created a new predator that is far more intelligent and ruthless than anything mankind has ever faced

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OCTOBER 29, 2021 EMPTY CASKETS: Terran Patrol Book One By Lewis Dually

While transferring shuttles in Houston, Paul observes three caskets returning from the asteroid belt’s mining colonies. That, in itself, is not unusual as working in the asteroid belt is inherently dangerous, but his curiosity peaks when he realizes the caskets contain no bodies!

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OCTOBER 29, 2021 Grand Central Arena By Ryk E. Spoor

It was supposed to be a simple test flight, one that pilot Ariane Austin was on only as a last-ditch backup; intelligent, superhumanly fast automation would handle the test activation and flight of humanity's first faster-than-light vessel

OCTOBER 27, 2021 Gunn and Salvo Box Set: Books 1-4 By Joshua James

When deep space bounty hunters Gunn and Salvo chase down a teenager linked to the catastrophic loss of a space station, everything about the job feels off.

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OCTOBER 27, 2021 Oblivion Awaits By Christopher Hopper

The legacy hab Astraea orbits high above the Earth in 2251 as a testament to human ingenuity and the enduring mission to settle space. But when researchers in the station’s celestial exploration laboratory think they’ve discovered a signal from an alien species, Astraea suffers a devastating fai...

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