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Is the man in charge of Eden’s resistance a traitor?

An off-world army led by the malevolent Black Lord is crushing Eden's farmers, burning their fields, and destroying their villages. Eden's people are pacifists, but if they don't resist the invaders, they will be forced to grow the cash crop ...

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DECEMBER 06, 2023 Bongo & Delilah Break Daytona: B&D Capers Series By Winnie Winkle

Wildly hilarious, unique, and refreshing... a place where space, snark, and booze mix into a perfect adventure!

Location: Earth. Bongo needs a serious break from life. When her best friend, Delilah, offers her a chance to go on a surprised road trip to Florida, Bongo isn't about to turn the offer...

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DECEMBER 06, 2023 The Road to Hell By Peter Cawdron

How do you solve a murder when the victim comes back to life with no memory of recent events?

In the 22nd century, America struggles to rebuild after the second civil war. Democracy has been suspended while the reconstruction effort lifts the country out of the ruins of conflict. America's fate l...

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DECEMBER 06, 2023 Blade Witch: A Science Fiction Holiday Novella By Jenny Schwartz

Finally finished with her bodyguard contract to protect a diplomat—ugh, yuk, and such an ANNOYING enchanter—the Blade Witch is heading home for Thanksbee.

But when the ex-diplomat and the Blade Witch's current annoyance insinuates his way into her journey home, and an orphan AI attempts to pi...

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DECEMBER 06, 2023 Servant of the Crown: An Epic Fantasy Novel By Paul J Bennett

An old warrior, too stubborn to die. A royal heir, hidden since birth.

Can they save a realm on the brink of war?

Tragedy tears Gerald's world apart and only his unwavering loyalty saves him. After serving as a soldier for years, a single act of self-sacrifice thrusts his future into the world...

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DECEMBER 04, 2023 The Journey (The Journey Novels Book 1) By Conrad Jones

The Journey is a must-read thriller. The gripping story of a young boy and his family, driven from their home by war and indiscriminate violence. Like millions of others, they attempt the treacherous journey across their war-torn continent, trying to reach the safety of Europe. The truth is, Europe ...

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When I fell through a portal to an ancient empire, I was assigned a translator to teach me common tongues. It's a fair trade. I'll teach her how to use hers.

One minute I'm Caleb Patterson, firefighter in Oklahoma and the next, I'm sucked in to the an fantasy world, with swords, amphitheaters, an...

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DECEMBER 04, 2023 Water Memory: a novel By Tom Strelich

[US + CA] And that's the funny thing about the end of the world, they never tell you how long it's going to take. Too bad they couldn't be more specific.

The earth's magnetic poles have reversed and civilization has just had its clock reset to the great cosmic flashing 12:00am from almost a milli...

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DECEMBER 04, 2023 Metal Warrior: Born of Steel (Mech Fighter Book 1) By James David Victor

The world as we know it has come to an end, and humanity’s only hope may be a man who cannot survive without the aid of a robotic suit. Fortunately, that suit is one of the most powerful weapons ever created.

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DECEMBER 04, 2023 For the Ones Who Remain (Samsara Fleet Book 1) By Riley Collins

Kal Norman had given up. After tragedy destroyed his life, he turned his back on everything he had known and wandered the galaxy, trying to run from a past he would rather forget.

Now Humanity has been the victim of a devastating attack. Their enemy is a mystery—cunning, ruthless, and implacabl...

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