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JANUARY 26, 2022 Catacombs of Time: A Sword and Sorcery Novella By Dylan Doose

“Dylan Doose is a master.”—Amazon reviewer

This edition includes a FREE bonus short story—I Remember My First Time.
It’s going to be a long and bloody night.
The clock is ticking and Dr. De’Brouillard has a date. Dinner is at the Graves and a contract to cure one of the cursed is si...

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JANUARY 26, 2022 Xaros - Jungle Planet By Anthony James

Hauled back from the frontline of an interstellar war humanity is halfway to losing, out-of-favour warship captain Jed Grisham is offered a mission he doesn’t want, but can’t refuse.

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JANUARY 26, 2022 Human: Human scouts fighting in an Alien Empire By A.G. Claymore

In an alien empire rocked by instability, Eth is forced to lead his people as their role expands. Their master is playing for high stakes and he'll risk anything and anyone to get what he wants. In the mad scramble for power, Eth draws the attention of the Emperor's Varangian Guard, a species famed ...

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JANUARY 26, 2022 Dawn of Assassins By Jon Cronshaw

Fedor and Lev are thieves...not killers.

They lead a desperate life in the tunnels of Nordturm, conning and stealing to buy their next meal.

But when an assassin recruits them against their will, they are forced into a life they do not want and cannot escape.

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JANUARY 26, 2022 The Taken By Avery Blake

A terrifying tale of alien invasion told from the perspective of three very special young people.

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JANUARY 24, 2022 Combat Frame XSeed By Brian Niemeier

The future is over.

Civilization on Earth has collapsed. Oligarchs have established a new order in manmade space colonies at the Earth-Moon LaGrange points.

A group of powerful colonies form the Systems Overterrestrial Coalition to re-civilize the earth, but grounders view the colonists as h...

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JANUARY 24, 2022 Incursion (Catalyst Moon - Book 1) By Lauren L. Garcia

A magic-torn world.

Mages, held captive since magic first manifested in the world, seek to break their chains. Sentinels, warriors with an unnatural immunity to magic, are oathbound to keep the magic-users prisoner - at any cost.

Two hearts, shattered by grief, bound together by fate.


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JANUARY 24, 2022 Jewel of The Stars: Earth's Remnant By Adam David Collings

Haylee was more confident designing starships than raising an autistic child. Now she just wants a relaxing vacation with her family. But when Earth falls to an alien armada, she knows life will never be the same again.

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JANUARY 24, 2022 Well of Furies: Predator Space Chronicles I By Craig DeLancey

The most feared world in the galaxy: The Well of Furies. From this planet, the godlike Ulltrians waged war on all life among the stars. Long thought extinct, the Ulltrians have returned. Now all the Galaxy is in danger. Humanity faces extinction. Amir Tarkos is one of the only humans in the Predat...

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JANUARY 24, 2022 Semester Aboard: An Urban Fantasy Adventure By Elizabeth Kirke

A week ago, I didn’t even believe vampires were real, but now we're being stalked by one. Trapped on the ship, with no way to call for help, it’s up to us to stop him and save the rest of the passengers… and ourselves. If we can’t, we might never set foot on land again.

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