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JULY 23, 2021 The New King: Moons of Ves'Oni By Aeryn Zaera

There was a horrible war going on in a galaxy far from Earth. The Iq’is were intent on domination and would stop at nothing to get it. Captain Gryllash took his own crew on a mission to rescue people from the Iq’i invasion. He also sent out other crews. When they landed on Earth, they were comma...

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JULY 23, 2021 The Specter Rising By James Aspen

Growing up, Paul Riley dreamed of going to space and rocketing among the stars.
Finding his way in the world after college, he had settled for walking under them.

Paul had always wanted to leave home, but he never could have imagined that he would end up defending it. Little did he know, taking ...

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JULY 23, 2021 Shattered Earth By Jenny Schwartz

The scum of the galaxy are using Earth as a nuclear winter death camp. It outrages pirate captain Kohia Jekyll’s sense of justice. No one deserves to die agonizingly of radiation poisoning, especially not on the planet humanity had to evacuate seven generations ago

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JULY 21, 2021 Sentinel By Anthony J. Melchiorri

From the ashes of the ancients, a cataclysmic new threat rises.

Born on a forsaken desert planet, Cole Shaw has two options - perish from starvation and disease, or enlist in the New World Republic’s armed forces. He chooses the military. For the first time, he thinks he has a shot at a better...

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JULY 21, 2021 The Prisoner's Dilemma By Joe Kassabian

When the Galaxy is on fire, there are no heroes...

Vincent Solaris is a teenager drifting through life who manages to graduate Ethics School by the skin of his teeth. His unplanned future changes dramatically when he is arrested and charged with crimes against the Central Committee after a night...

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JULY 21, 2021 Wild Fyre By Ike Hamill

The perfect technology would anticipate our every need, solve our problems, and answer questions we hadn’t thought to ask.

The perfect technology would defend itself.
It would spread everywhere.
It would kill if it had to.

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JULY 19, 2021 The Soldiers' Perspective By Phillip Murrell

The planet Gemma is under attack.

For the people of Gemma, this is an unprovoked and murderous raid by bandits unwilling to earn their way. The defenders will protect their culture with their lives.

For the attackers, the wealth of Gemma represents the source of their collective anguish. Desp...

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JULY 19, 2021 Primordial Earth By Baileigh Higgins

This is their world, and we are the prey. After an unexplained event shifted entire cities millions of years into the past, life has become a daily struggle for survival. Rogue, tenacious and fierce, has never known anything except a harsh life on the streets of Prime City until she finds herself on...

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JULY 19, 2021 Nanotime By Bart Kosko

In the year 2030—when the world has doubled in population and no one can escape the prying eyes of the State—John Grant wants to save the Earth from its oil addiction, and get rich in the process.

But the revolutionary new molecule he has patented—an astonishing advance that can split water...

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JULY 16, 2021 The Messenger: A Mecha Scifi Epic By J.N. Chaney

Built by an ancient race to be the ultimate weapon, the machine is capable of unspeakable destruction, and its discovery could unhinge the balance of power throughout known space.

Worse still, the A.I. inside the machine speaks of an ancient evil that will soon arrive--a race whose power far exce...

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