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When a monster brutally kills her parents, Ara is saved by two beast hunters. Becoming their apprentice, she discovers serums, secret bestiary knowledge, and remarkable abilities-all to save unsuspecting souls from the same fate her parents suffered. But, terrifying creatures lurk everywhere and Ara...

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MARCH 27, 2023 A Grimm Sacrifice: A Military Sci-Fi Series By Jeffery H. Haskell

[US + UK] In order to survive, Interceptor must change the rules.

The Consortium is in real trouble. Caliphate Naval forces have stepped up their raids on the border planets and are taking people by the thousands. They can defend the wormhole, or they can defend their planets, not both.

Only t...

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[US + CA] 'A great mix of British properness and humour with a large dollop of historical fun'

Meet St Mary's - a group of tea-soaked disaster magnets who hurtle their way around History.

If the whole of History lay before you, where would you go?

When Dr Madeleine Maxwell is recruited by t...

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After the outbreak of rampaging undead, two heroes with intertwined destinies take on both infected and uninfected! In Part One, humble middle-aged data scientist Mike Ballard and his cat Chloe are obligated to bring a haunted young girl to safety through highly infested lands. The danger is worse t...

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MARCH 27, 2023 The Pattern Ship By Tobias Roote

In the year 2020, a landslide off the English coast uncovers an alien Escape Pod that had crashed into a prehistoric swamp. The dormant AI awakens to a very different world it entered millennia previously. Now, it must utilize stored ancient patterning technology to reconstitute its Master. However,...

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Rika is a scout mech, once human, now she is the property of the Genevian military.

Rika's crime was small, stealing food. But when faced with a five-year prison term, or conscription in the Genevian military, she chose war.

She had no idea what that conscription would entail.

Now little of...

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MARCH 24, 2023 A Town Called Potato: A Space Noir Murder Comedy By Gary Blaine Randolph

Gabriel Lake is a not so hard-boiled computer guy who finds himself swept up into a web of interstellar crime when he is recruited into the Galactic Detective Agency, led by the brilliant Oren Vilkas. Can a mere Earthling track a killer across the stars before more lives are lost? Can he negotiate h...

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MARCH 24, 2023 Breaker Marine By James David Victor

As a Breaker, she was destined to live a hard life serving the whims of galactic corporations. As an Earth Alliance Marine, she has a chance to change the balance of power in the galaxy.

A military sci-fi adventure from Amazon All-Star author James David Victor

Holly Cropper grew up as a Break...

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MARCH 24, 2023 Strikers By Ann Christy

Breaking the law in the Republic of Texas is a dangerous undertaking: One offense earns a strike, and five strikes is a death sentence. Sixteen-year-old Karas already has one strike on her neck, which doesn’t bode well for a long life.

When her friends risk everything to help her see her five-s...

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Quench Your Thirst for Savage Sword and Sorcery Action Adventure!
The masters of sword and sorcery fiction might be dead but just because Robert E. Howard is no longer penning Conan tales doesn't mean you have to go without your fix of axe wielding barbarians, lusty wenches and evil wizards! Litera...

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